Web Analytics

Adding Value to your online identity

Web analytics can give you the power to know how your visitors use your site, to know how they react to your site (or changes on your site)and to improve the quality of the site. The better your visitors feel about using your site, the better your bottom line will be. Theweb analytics team at Impinge gives you a complete insight on your online business. The team performs both onsite data tracking (tracking user behavior on your websites, micro-sites and geo sites) and offsite data tracking (tracking your online campaigns such as social media , PPC and Email campaigns). The team tracks hits and impressions, page views, graphic hits, downloads, errors and bytes to provide traffic and conversion forecasting. This not only helps in measuring your social media effectiveness but also provides actionable insights to boost SEO efforts and increase referral traffic.

We offer a suite of analytics services that provides rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Impinge brings a complete set of web analytics services that captures, collects and organizes real-time information and data, so that you can comprehend online visitor response to your online marketing initiatives or products and services.