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Well, who doesn’t love or enjoy the experience of gaming? Surreal narration, exuberant visuals, stunning graphics and excellent sound, they have everything in them to import a viewer in their own reality. But for a game to work well among the users, it is imperative that it must be programmed well. And to make sure it is programmed well, you have to come to Impinge. We are in this industry for more than eight years, and understand the challenges that are faced during developing games for rich platforms like, Android and I Phone.

Today, every user who has a smart phone knows what these well designed games bring on to the table. It is a form entertainment that can be carried in the pockets. Some games have already become a legend in their category, spicing up the competition in this field. Facebook, android, Linkedin, Blackberry and IPad have all raised their stakes in their respective categories. This is why; you simply cannot churn out something that is average.

We know what we are dealing with; this is why we can deliver the result better than anyone. We specialize in providing and developing games for platforms such as; Android and IOS. A good game is a combination of visual, audio and an appealing story line. You cannot miss out on any of these details and expect your product to perform well in the market. This is why we make sure that we are focused on every step of game development. And our job is not finished only with the development of the game. Rather, we test it well to make sure that it works fine on all the platforms.

The platform compatibility is the key for the success of these games. A user, who has paid to play this game on his /her phone, would not like to wrestle with downloading or playing it. We have experience in our team, and they know how to produce results at reasonable cost. So if you are planning to develop a game these are the reasons, you must consider us as your first choice;

Cost effective: We carve up the games at price that is best in the market, try us to believe it.
In house support: We have all the resources available in our premises. We don’t have to depend upon any third party resource to get your work.
Time effective: The time we give, is the time we follow. We adhere to strict time lines, and deliver you the project as per your stipulated time frame.
Latest Technology: we have all the latest technology available at our disposal, to construct games, which works elegantly on the required platform.
Quality Check: Churning out projects is not our priority; rather we aspire to deliver results that are durable and effective. This is why; every project we make is properly tested and thoroughly checked. So that you won’t find any glitches in the system.
You can always bank on us to deliver you with the quality. We are your best bet for all kinds of game development on any platform.

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