iPhone App Development

Impinge Solutions was one of the first companies to have an iPhone application development team in the region. Started around 3 years back, we mastered the art of developing iPhone apps since the founders had experience working MAC development platform. Today we have a team of resources who are working full time on the development of several iPhone and iPad apps. The results are there to be seen on App Store. There are more than 50 apps which have been built by us and are there on app store. The apps developed by us are not restricted to any domain. Our development profile varies from creation of games, social networking applications, news, GPS/mapping based solutions, audio/video solutions, reference, business related and many more. Some of the apps developed by us have already had more than hundred thousand downloads.

Highly Skilled Development Team

We have a team of 18 highly skilled iPhone/iPad application developers with excellent working knowledge of the iOS SDK, Xcode as a development environment and Objective-C. The team has strong analytical skills which helps in better understanding of the requirements. Add to this our Project managers and Technical Architects and we form the most formidable combination of resources to deliver your iPhone/iPad app with the best quality possible.

Here is the list of few features which we have already implemented in our apps

  • OpenGL game development.
  • Live Audio, Video streaming from server.
  • Chat applications developed using TCP protocol.
  • Uploading and downloading files from ftp server.
  • Showing graphs according to real time input data.
  • Showing directions/route on map view in real time.
  • Image Processing and creating frames from multiple images.
  • Showing Karaoke on screen according to the song music play.
  • In app Purchase, push notifications ,IAd & AdMob implemented.
  • Social networking sites incorporated Facebook, Twitter, Dig and LinkedIn.
  • Displaying iPad screen on big screen (VGA Device) using iPad Dock connector to VGA adapter
  • Facebook features implementaion like fetching users profile data, posting messages to wall, downloading /uploading images from account & uploading videos to wall.
  • Applications database Sync between iPhone and different operating systems (Windows & Macintosh) using Bonjour Web.