Awesome Mumu

Every night a little girl called Yingying with golden hair will sit on top of her house roof together with a large, cute and mystical creature called MuMu.

The little girl has a BIG dream, and always dreaming of flying high up grabbing all the jewels and treasures in the sky.

MuMu owns a magical wand and grabs colorful gems and treasures in the sky for Yingying. Each of the treasures represents a “life gift” which you can hang up on Yingying’s Tree of Life.

You will find the lucky double fish, beautiful peaches, lovely hearts, rare four clover leaf, golden birds, grapes, glittering stars, and lucky coin!!!

The collection of treasures is hung on the mystical Tree of Life – the more there are on the tree, the more luck and fortune it will bring to everyone who sees them or receive them!!!


a) In Level 1 you can try help MuMu and Yingying grab as many jewels and treasures in the sky as possible! Try to grab ALL the treasures within the time given! Be careful not to rush yourself, be patient, and you will find yourself grabbing lots and lots of beautiful treasures in the sky!

b) Challenge yourself and try to score as many points as you can for the beautiful treasures! Post your scores to leaderboard and keep track of your scores on OpenFeint. You can even challenge your friends. Oodles of FUN for everyone, kids, children, teens and family!

c) The BEAUTIFUL Tree of Life can be unlocked at Level 2 and Level 3 with just one in-app purchase. So you get both access at the same time! After you have helped MuMu and Yingying grabbed the treasures in the sky, you can decorate your Tree of Life with these AWESOME treasures and jewels. Similarly you can post your scores to the leader board on OpenFeint for keeping track of your own scores.

d) WOW your friends! Post your beautiful Tree of Life on Facebook and Twitter. Together with your friends and family, you can see the progress of your tree as it gets filled with treasures and glittering jewels, grows every day and brings more luck into your life. Email your friends an auspicious Tree of Life to wish them good luck!!! Oodles of FUN for your kids or family creating the AMAZING Tree of Life!

e) The game works for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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