Custom Web Design

Get Branded!

At Impinge we have a core graphic/web design team who have delivered state of the art customized website designs. We have designed niche websites as well as generic eCommerce, CMS, Social networking and CRM websites. Niche websites includes different domains like for dentists, niche dating/community portal for musicians, travel/tourism, real estate etc. We are pioneers in creating web 2.0 designs for websites, landing pages, logo designs, professional brochures, banners, flash websites, flash applications, flash animations, email campaigns, wireframes, UX & UI designs. Last but not the least all the websites designed by Impinge are W3C compliant, mobile friendly and cross browser tested.

We provide tailored solutions to meet your specific design requirements helping you deliver exceptional user experience to the end users. The process is simple. You give us the requirements and few sample websites and we come out with 2-3 custom designs depending on the need. For the chosen design we give two free iterations to get that perfect custom design.

Web Design Bank

Impinge has its very own web design bank where you will get access to several home page, landing page, logo designs, brochures and banner layouts. Get in touch with us to get access to it and get your web design done with minimal cost and time. Ultimately we are helping you save time and money and that is what matters.