• Connect to Different Social Networking Site e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • File Management from ftp server (Upload & Download) in windows mobile app development.
  • Chat application Developed using TCP protocol.
  • Data Manipulation and their Graphic Representation.
  • Scan2PDF uses the camera in your phone to “scan” documents and then combine the pages into a single PDF file which is then saved in your phone and can be emailed.
  • File Explorer is a powerful file management utility that implements all standard features such as manipulating files and folders, managing programs with arguments and searching for files and folders.
  • Voice Command – Tell your phone what you want with this application! Voice Command transforms your Smartphone into your own virtual personal assistant, letting you use your voice to look up contacts, make phonecalls, get calendar information etc.

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SMS Scheduler App

    iHoliday App





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