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Battery Companion Pro

Is your phone’s battery draining too quickly?
Are you constantly looking for a place to charge your phone?
Are you tired of having to interrupt your favorite game because of a low battery notification?

Try the newest and best battery app on the app store.

-Most accurate battery level tracker on the app store
-Get critical system details to improve battery performance
– Find out exactly how long you have to use your favorite apps with our “Time Remaining” feature
– Find out critical tips for maximizing battery output
– Unparalleled user experience and user-friendly graphics
– Check you battery’s charging status and get real time charging updates
– Find out how long your phone will take to hit maximum charge, so you can get back to your game quicker.
– Tested and approved for all iPhone models
– Recommended by experts and customers alike
– Get the most out of your phone and battery

User Reviews

“So easy to use, I would recommend this app to anyone that is dissatisfied with their phone’s battery life”

“Anyone frustrated with constant low battery notifications should definitely try this app”

“Surpassed all my expectations, I run this app on all of my devices”

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