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Front-end building, bug fixing, RESTful APIs building, working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, external APIs, data sources, and unit testing are some of the job responsibilities that we fulfill in our AngularJS Development Agency. We are talented Angular/JavaScript developers that create enterprise-level front ends for several web and mobile apps and provide a fully-featured user interface to help you avail the following benefits.

Seamless app

Code reusability
and consistency

unit testing

Flexible & highly
scalable app






Are you Searching for Angular and AngularJS Development Services?

Your search for finding interactive, robust, feature-rich, and seamless Angular and AngularJS Development Services is over. Hire our remote developers in the field of AngularJS and build mobile and web apps to make your digital business stand out in the market.

AngularJS Consulting

As an experienced AngularJS Website Application Development Company, our consultants understand your specific business requirements and suggest the best application development solutions as per your market needs and emerging trends.

Angular Web and Mobile App Development

Build feature-rich, safe, and scalable mobile and web apps with our dedicated remote AngularJS developers and customize your existing app (if necessary) to boost your user engagement and experience higher conversions.

Custom Angular Plugin Development

Our seasoned Angular experts bring functionality to your certain business requirements and help you craft customized plugins to make your application clean and manageable.

UI/UX Development Services

Scale your business with our front-end development and allow us to create interactive apps for your business that involve good UI/UX with robust functionality and performance.

Angular eCommerce Portal Development

As a premier AngularJS Development Agency, Impinge Solutions offers eCommerce Portal Development Services worldwide. Our developers have flexible and reliable AngularJS frameworks to develop secure, optimized, and flawless eCommerce applications that generate a large amount of traffic.

Angular JS to Angular Migration

Transform your older Angular apps into new high-quality AngularJS versions or Angular to AngularJS,  and ensure that they will fit your business requirements.

Progressive Web Application Development

Our dedicated AngularJS specialists provide professional Progressive Web Application Development Services to create the perfect UI/UX design that gives pleasure to your customers.

Support & Maintenance Services

Get end-to-end support and maintenance services from Impinge Solutions and address any performance-related issues with us.

AngularJS Development Services Starting from $25/Hour

Why are you thinking so much? We’re the leading web app development company and deliver a complete suite of services with our top-of-the-line expertise. Grab a chance to work with the highly-experienced team, including developers, DevOps engineers, UI/UX designers, project managers, scrum masters, business analysts, QA support managers and other staff to add value to your project.

Why Choose Us?

Identify Our Skills & Partner with the Top Angular Development Company

Core Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Getting the right Angular Development Service Provider is challenging, but we are a capable AngularJS Development Agency that ensures the success of your front-end project. Our excellent developers have a core understanding of all programming languages, UX concepts, elements interaction, and the position of the elements.

Expertise in Angular Frameworks

Our developers are familiar with the AngularJS frameworks, such as UI Grid, Angular UI Bootstrap, Angular Material, LumX, Radian, Supersonic, Suave UI, Angular Foundation, and many others used for web development.

Technology Proficient in Webpack and Node

Leverage our deep domain knowledge and make your development process more painless and efficient.

Experience with RESTful API Interaction

Hire Angular developers from Impinge Solutions. We can build inspiring Angular and AngularJS apps and help your business get a financial edge. Also, the experts at Impinge are experienced in building RESTful APIs that include HTTP requests to POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE data. We are capable enough to integrate APIs into your applications effectively.

How Can We Help You?

Our Technology Stack

Angular JS
Angular 5.0
React JS
React Native
Vue JS
Polymer JS
Hapi JS
Express JS
Backbone JS
Babel JS
Ember JS
Ext JS
Knockout JS

Our Three Major Business Models

Dedicated Hiring

Schedule an online meeting, take our expert’s interview, and hire our company’s assets for your project.

Fixed Scope

Submit your software requirements and allow our specialists to bring ideas to your table. This model also includes the scope of the project and other necessary details.

Time & Material

When it is challenging to get an estimate for your project, including time & resources, this model becomes the preference for many of our customers.

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Hiring the best Angular programmers is easy with Impinge Solutions. Our elite developers have strong communication skills to collaborate with you and have best-in-class technical skills to meet your AngularJS Development needs.

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