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We are the SEO agency that you can choose to build your business locally and globally. With our world-class technologies, custom strategies, and professional SEO team’s you can attract more customers, be the best in your business, and market anywhere and everywhere.

Our SEO Services


On-Page SEO

Harmonize the content on your website with the purpose of making it popular for your potential customers. Our approach ensures that your users will get what they are looking for. The best part is that our On-page services serve many purposes. We provide a content optimization facility, analyze keywords and HTML codes, fix 404 errors, and generate several title and meta tags so that your website can get a better rank and better outcomes on search engines.

Off-Page SEO

As you may know, one solution doesn’t fit all due to different industries and different business requirements. Similarly, in order to rank higher on the SERPs and other than doing the On-page SEO, it is necessary to consider Off-Page Services that contain several activities such as Brand Mentions, Forums, Commenting, Influencer Reach, Guest Posting, Broken Link Building, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Newsletters, Questions & Answers, Content Marketing, and many others to boost your traffic and earnings.

Niche Based SEO

Being the Best SEO Company in Mohali, India and the USA, we offer niche-based SEO services and make sure a 100% success rate for our client projects. We have dedicated SEO teams with long expertise and the ability to work with various industries, including real estate, education, telecommunication, banking, healthcare, media, technology business, and many more.

Technical SEO

A responsive design, a secure connection, and a fast loading time are what come under technical SEO, and it ensures that your website is free of technical errors and is easy to navigate. As an expert in Technical SEO Services, we install SSL certificates on your website, focus on your site’s page speed, and guarantee that your site is mobile-friendly. Apart from that, we fix duplicate content issues, enable AMPs, create XML Sitemaps, register your site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools, and fulfill all your website requirements.


We have a team of dedicated project coordinators to prepare thorough performance reports on a monthly and quarterly basis and based on the SEO activities that our experts have done to improve your traffic and rankings.

Why Do you Need SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Because a great website should be on the first page of Google and other top search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, and Yandex. In case of skipping SEO, you will soon experience lower rankings and less visibility in search results. Hire our SEO experts to fulfill the major needs of your website.

All You Need to Know About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a process to help your site to be found in search engines. It presents your brand online and organically and ensures to improve your local rankings on Google. With SEO, you can focus on the R.O.C.K.E.T process: Research, Optimize, Content, Keywords, Earned Media & Links, and Testing and gain the following benefits when choosing the right SEO Service Provider in India and worldwide.

A Website Without SEO is Like a High-End Car without Fuel

SEO is a great strategy to enhance your site’s traffic. Yet, it is not always sufficient because you never know how Google algorithms work and how they become the reason for your potential customers that you lose. We are the leading SEO Company, but we also rely on other factors that are:

Content Marketing

Our creative content writers create epic content with the aim to attract your targeted users, get links, and encourage your visitors to share it with others.

Paid Ads

If you want immediate results and have enough budget to hire us, book a call for your paid ads, and we will produce results within a few weeks or two to three months.

Our Three Major Business Models

Dedicated Hiring

Schedule an online meeting, take our expert’s interview, and hire our company’s assets for your project.

Fixed Scope

Submit your software requirements and allow our specialists to bring ideas to your table. This model also includes the scope of the project and other necessary details.

Time & Material

When it is challenging to get an estimate for your project, including time & resources, this model becomes the preference for many of our customers.

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Impinge Solutions has been recognized all over the world for its affordable SEO services and Top-rated Digital Marketing Solutions. We provide everything you need to grow your business. From a well-designed website, in-depth keyword research, quality content, internal linking, catchy titles and headlines, and information-packed meta descriptions to monthly website reviews, we manage all your SEO work and help you get quality traffic with high revenue.

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