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Do you have a time for regular posting on your social media? Can you always stay active on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter? But, we have a team to handle your social media accounts 24/7, and we have the best social media strategy to reach your target audience, raise awareness of your products, and generate sales for your business.

Our Social Media Marketing Services


Know Your Goal

If you have no goal, there is no advantage of running an online business. To help you achieve the unique needs of your brand, we create a solid strategy based on the different business niches and develop content strategies to acquire many objectives of your business and social media, such as thought leadership, brand recognition, lead generation, and audience engagement.

Account Profile Creation and Branding

Account/profile creation is the first step or the service that ensures you will get a brand identity for your social profiles. At Impinge Solutions, our social media experts create social media accounts with your business name or unique usernames that will be SEO-friendly and inspire your users to follow your accounts. After that, we schedule content to help your brand get noticed in the first few weeks

Research and Analysis of Competitors

Competitors’ research is necessary to know what others are doing on social media. Our specialists identify their strengths and weaknesses and create a custom strategy to produce the best outcomes for your business.

Experience Amazing Growth with Our Exclusive Approach to Manage your Social Media

At Impinge Solutions, we can find ideal customers for you, understand their buying habits their long-term behavior, and advertise your products anywhere across the internet.

4.70 Billion

People all over the world use social media. On average, users spend about 2 hours and 29 minutes every day on popular social media platforms. According to statistics, social media is a great way to interact with your audience and make it a part of your marketing strategy. In case of neglecting this affordable option or social media marketing services, you can lose several good opportunities. Hire our social media experts, create an emotional connection with your customer, and target your potential consumers even if they are not familiar with your company’s products and services.

How Do We Make the Success of Social Media Possible?

As the Best Digital Marketing Agency, we have the best tools and customized plans to find your ideal customer base as social media allows us to engage with your target market and helps us build an online community to maximize your brand’s reputation and expand your customer reach. Besides, we have experts with good communication and writing skills to build strong and genuine relationships with your shoppers. Hire us for a 60-day trial period and grab the following benefits:

Increase Brand Recognition

Social media marketing is a robust tool for small businesses and startups. With leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and even WhatsApp, we can help you spread information about your business in the most affordable way and guarantee to reach hundreds of thousands of millions of people with the message that you want to inform.

Improve Site Traffic

If you have a website, you should definitely use social media to promote your products and services and to drive more traffic organically and with paid ads. In this way, you don’t need to rely on SEO because the quality and quantity of your inbound traffic can improve when you choose the right social media marketing company for your project.

Sell Products and Services Online

You may know half of the customers purchase through social media. With ads, experts can experience revenue of $153 billion in 2021, and this number can skyrocket to nearly $252 billion in 2026. Thus, don’t miss the opportunity to use the ad feature offered by Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to target your desired audience and make your content visible in front of the eyeballs.

Our Three Major Business Models

Dedicated Hiring

Schedule an online meeting, take our expert’s interview, and hire our company’s assets for your project.

Fixed Scope

Submit your software requirements and allow our specialists to bring ideas to your table. This model also includes the scope of the project and other necessary details.

Time & Material

When it is challenging to get an estimate for your project, including time & resources, this model becomes the preference for many of our customers.

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Don’t Hire Non-Professionals for your Social Media Platforms

A social media job is not a one-day task. It is crucial to stay consistent and post accurate information to build your customer interests. But, these things will be possible when you talk with one of our experts and hire us for your work.

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