Design your custom website design from scratch

A first impression is always the last impression, and the same thing applies to your website design. If the design of your website is non-responsive and includes hidden navigation menus, a cluttered layout, and inconsistent typefaces, the traffic of your website can soon turn into frustrating customers, and it will become the reason for a low search engine ranking. To avoid such issues, let Impinge Solutions build or revamp your website from scratch and launch your solution like a pro.

Custom Website Design

What do we work as a custom website design company?

We have desired skills from time management, communication, problem-solving, and proficiency in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Design Software to create your custom website design. Moreover, to make your website design 100% user-friendly and secure, we always work on the latest web design trends. Besides, we also guarantee to load your website within two or three seconds so that you can get huge web traffic and convert it into a better conversation rate.

If you want to make your website stand out, you can choose Impinge Solutions without any worries as we have more than 10+ years of experience in web design services and give you access to our professional team members, including Project Managers, Visual Web UI Designers, Front-end Web Developers, WordPress Experts, and Pro Developers. Not only this, but also we will help you customize the website as per your business requirements.

Our custom website design process - how do we work?


Identify your business goals

Know your goals and the purpose behind the designing of your website. Also, we can ask about your target audience, budget, and ideas to serve the final product as per your expectations.


Understand the site’s goals

After knowing your business needs and ideas, the next step is to define the scope of your project. In this process, we will discuss the total number of web pages and features that you’ve planned to accomplish your goals.

Focus-on-sitemap -wireframe

Focus on sitemap & wireframe creation

Once the scope has been done, the third step is to work on the sitemap. After that, we will analyze how the features and content will be defined in the scope definition.


Create unique content

We have a team of creative and technical content writers to support you in content creation and complete your website. Also, our SEO experts can help your site rank faster.


Visual branding

To captivate the attention of your viewers, we have UI/UX designers and graphic designers to make your website clean and visually appealing.



Now, the content is ready, and you’ve got all your pages, but what if your site CTAs stop working while clicking on the buttons, or the code gets visible on the front screen? Simply, at this point, you need to perform manual as well as automation testing to ensure that the site is fully-functional and 100% free of bugs.



After finishing your website, the final step is to launch the product into the market.

What’s Included in our website plan?

Quick onboarding

Schedule a call with our project managers and discuss your project’s requirements and goals.

Internal communication

After understanding your project, our managers will first coordinate with the website team and serve you as a contact person.

Create a branding sheet

Prepare a brand style guide or an instruction manual to help you know how the brand communicates and outlines the requirements to represent the brand both internally and externally.


FAQ, Testimonials, Contact Us, and Press are examples of simple pages of your site, and these pages can be customized to complement your style and brand.

Maximum two revisions

Every page design and code needs two revisions, and we will also provide you with multiple revisions to improve your design accuracy.


Secure your website with SSL encryption and take responsibility for security updates to protect your product against threats or malicious attacks.

Wanna share your project details with us?

Whether you’re just planning to move your business online or are ready to design your website/mobile app with us, we are available 24/7 for your service.