Bespoke Money Transfer Software Development for Remittance Agents and Banks

Remittance software is powered with state-of-the-art technology and designed for financial services companies so that they can allow their customers to transfer money online in multiple currencies and help them manage or move their funds through different subsidiaries, partner banks, and agents.

Power your Money Transfer Business with Remittance Software Features

All the settings and configurations are made from the backend system, and users can transfer money securely with the front-end customer facing system.

Send Money Anywhere

Set up your remittance software with us and send money anywhere quickly, conveniently, and transparently.

Outward Remittance Services

Sending money worldwide from India is easy and convenient with outward remittance services. Let us operate and customize your software. We can assist you in transferring money in all major currencies around the globe.

Easy Inward Payments Management

Impinge Solutions aids you in the handling of inward payments despite several modes of transfer hosting modules and channels.

Fee and Commission

Remittance service providers, agents, and business partners can make money faster through commission-based transactions or a small fee can be deducted when you exchange and transfer through online software or any web-based portal.

Compliance Management

Various countries have different compliance rules. We help you implement compliance to handle AML, blacklists, region-based KYC, and data confidentiality in a matter of minutes.

Expand your Network

Grow your remittance business by targeting several partners, including banks, telcos, non-banking institutions, money transfer operators, fintech companies, retail chains, banks, and online remittance players.

Currency Settlement System

Let us run your software with a variety of currencies and provide a global footprint for your business. With our talent, we ensure that customers will stay available on your platform.

Customer We’ve Empowered

Xpress Money

A highly popular money transfer brand in the world

Extensive global networks, instance money transfer, send money, receive money, fast money transfers, and providing a wide array of money transfer options are the forte of Xpress Money, which is also helping the company grow by leaps and bounds. This UK-based brand is improving its remittance platform and services with the expertise of Impinge Solutions and providing superior customer services to its customers.

Customized Money Remittance Software Solutions

Impinge Solutions supports you in your global remittance or money transfer business. A money remittance software that allows us to create new business partners, branches, contacts, services, new transactions, and business accounts for partners and partners with different agents.

Why Choose Us for Money Transfer Software Development or Customization?

Offering the Best Payment Experience that Remitters Want

Boost your Remittance Capabilities

If you have any existing financial/remittance software, Impinge Solutions can help you expand your services with an existing customer base and provides customizable, highly scalable, and out-of-the-box solutions.

24/7 Support

Immediate response times from our experts ensure you will receive 24/7 support to run your business efficiently and smoothly.

Feature Rich Dashboard

The dashboard of the remittance software features customer data, 3rd party products, remittance transactions undertaken, rate sheets, currencies, and other options that support the flawless functioning of the business.

3rd Party Integration

The remittance software can easily integrate with third-party APIs, ERPs, foreign exchange systems, accounting systems, and more.

Our Technology Stack

Angular JS
Angular 5.0
React JS
React Native
Vue JS
Polymer JS
Hapi JS
Express JS
Backbone JS
Babel JS
Ember JS
Ext JS
Knockout JS

Our Three Major Business Models

Dedicated Hiring

Schedule an online meeting, take our expert’s interview, and hire our company’s assets for your project.

Fixed Scope

Submit your software requirements and allow our specialists to bring ideas to your table. This model also includes the scope of the project and other necessary details.

Time & Material

When it is challenging to get an estimate for your project, including time & resources, this model becomes the preference for many of our customers.

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