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Keyword Research Explained for e-Commerce SEO
Posted on 24th May 2018

The information discovered through the keyword research has got a lot of importance which cannot be stressed at all. Now the question is why is it so?

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New Gmail Features
Posted on 26th Apr 2018

The continuous Gmail users can try their hand at some of the exclusive and new features under the similar settings menu where you can see an option “try new Gmail”

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Google Chat Service
Posted on 23rd Apr 2018

Google has confirmed that it was putting a pause to the investment on Allo, choosing rather than paying attention on the development of the new service named Chat.

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Visual Marketing
Posted on 20th Apr 2018

The visuals get an increased engagement response when there is data-heavy research involving the numbers and statistics. This may make the reading deep and interesting somehow. So for all the readers who are interested to use the visuals in their marketing strategy, here are some best tips to get started with the process.

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Blog and Website
Posted on 18th Apr 2018

No matter which business you are in, a blog section is always important if you wish to make your presence count on the e-platforms. But the question of concern is if your blog section should be there on the platform only or it should be separate. Well, this blog has got an answer to it.

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Internet of Thing
Posted on 16th Apr 2018

IOT is inherent in the concept of digital transformation. This is the reason it enables the businesses to know in detail about their consumers, react to things faster and serve them in several ways. 

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Homepage Design
Posted on 10th Apr 2018

Designing and defining your home page is the vital thing you can do when it comes to website development. You need not rush ahead or jump in a hurry for its execution. Executing it without proper planning will come up with negative results for sure. 

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Google’s Mobile First Indexing
Posted on 30th Mar 2018

Mobile-first indexing is all about how Google collects the content and not about how content is ranked. Content gathered by the mobile-first indexing has got no ranking benefit over the mobile content that is obviously not gathered this way yet or the desktop content.

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E-Commerce Mistakes
Posted on 21st Mar 2018

With a little research and the careful planning, most of these mistakes are easy to recognize and evade. Avoiding these 9 common shipping mistakes listed down can literally help the online shop owner become a confident e-retailer.

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