Laravel Vs. CakePHP – Finding the Right Choice for your Next Product Development Project

laravel vs cakephp

Are you planning to hire a PHP developer to build your software? Are you interested in developing full-featured web applications with Laravel? What is the difference between Laravel and CakePHP? Is Laravel Better than CakePHP?

As a business owner, you must have an understanding of both frameworks because both are used for website development. However, when choosing the web development framework, most businesses from a variety of industry verticals pick Laravel compared to its alternatives.

In this blog, we’ve compared two frameworks – Larvel and CakePHP, so that you can make the right choice for your next product development project.

On the other hand, developers choose frameworks based on the requirements of their client’s project, knowledge, and many more factors that are associated with website development.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a robust and open-source MVC-based PHP framework that helps in developing innovative websites and web applications. The best part is that there is no license fee or any kind of investment is required to use this framework.

As a Larvel developer, you can use this framework to distribute your programs and applications because this framework is extremely easy to use and provides a lot of customized options to build elegant, new, and full-featured web applications.

Features of Laravel:

Modularity and Libraries

Laravel includes 20 in-built and object-oriented libraries that are famous as authentication libraries and contain some essential features such as monitoring active users, password reset, CSRF protection, and Bcrypt hashing. This framework is split into various modules that adhere to PHP standards and enables developers to build modular and responsive apps.

In-built Widgets

Laravel provides in-built widgets that developers use to display app content in different forms. Some useful features of the Laravel framework are quick web application development and the app testing process.

Configuration Management

It is used to operate in different environments and helps execute and manage configurations in an easier way.

Security and Authentication

It comes with three layers of authentication approach and features like register, forgot password, and maybe send password alerts to develop the app from a security standpoint.

Unit Testing

Laravel is preferred by most web developers because this framework supports unit testing and is capable of performing a number o tests so that you can get an error-free website.

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What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is another open-source framework that ensures the successful building and maintenance of website applications. Some of the features of CakePHP are unit testing, business logic support, integrated validation, and secure request processing. Also, a database like SQL light, PostgreSQL, or MySQL is supported.

One of the main benefits of using CakePHP is the user-friendly framework that allows developers to work on complex websites and makes it easier to customize the website according to modern frameworks.

Similarly, CakePHP helps develop websites and web apps with outstanding performance. With CakePHP, it is effortless to create complex applications and find errors using testing for web applications or business websites.

Difference Between Laravel and CakePHP

  • Laravel provides impactful performance and offers a two-way data-binding process for larger projects. On the other hand, CakePHP doesn’t provide two-way data binding, but it gives faster performance for smaller projects.
  • Laravel concentrates on MVC architecture. Whereas CakePHP leverages HMVC architecture.
  • Laravel offers templating via dynamic HTML attributes that help build an application easier from the functional point of view. CakePHP utilizes underscore templates that are not good as Laravel templates.
  • Performance testing is smooth in the case of Laravel. However, swift testing is preferred for CakePHP for smaller or single-page applications.
  • Laravel provides large community support with ample documentation libraries. At the same time, CakePHP also has good community support to fix web application problems with experts.
  • Laravel supports data backups and handling. Whereas CakePHP is not suitable in terms of data backups and handling.
  • Laravel focuses on dynamic elements and valid HTML for large applications. Furthermore, CakePHP is ideal for smaller applications and manipulation because it works on direct MVC architecture and supports changes in application architecture and data.


Above, we’ve mentioned the key difference between Laravel and CakePHP that may give you an idea of choosing the right framework for your product development. Yet, we want to remind you that if you are thinking of building a larger project or need a Laravel Development Company to develop complex applications, you can consider Laravel as the best framework for your product.

Nevertheless, if you want to build solid and faster web applications that require less code, you can think about CakePHP Web Development Services.

However, if you are confused regarding the right framework, you can contact us. Being a web design and mobile app development company, we offer both Laravel development services and rapid web development services using CakePHP. Also, we ensure to fulfill your unique goals under budget and meet your development needs.