Enterprise Application Development Using .NET Core

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ASP.NET Core is a high-performing, open-source, and cross-platform framework for developing cloud-enabled, modern, and internet-connected apps. However, if you want to create an online presence and enhance your business value in digital touchpoints, you need to choose enterprise application development services using .NET because it provides numerous features, new APIs, runtime capabilities, and libraries that support easy development of the mobile application, cloud, desktop, IoT, browser, and .NET web applications.

Some of the key reasons why .NET matters for enterprise application development are given below:

.NET for Application Development Services

Object-Oriented Framework

It can be challenging to build an enterprise application because the development process involves various elements that can consume a lot of time if you don’t have much programming knowledge. However, the .NET core is ideal for application development services. It ensures an object-oriented nature for developers so they can easily write the code and gain benefits from functionalities. The division of data into objects also makes it effortless to develop models and build mobile or web applications.


Stability is one of the best parts of .NET, and every release comes with a continuous upgrade. Similarly, there are no compatibility issues arise with this framework, which means companies can hire ASP.NET developers for the smooth building of IoT apps, web apps and services, and mobile backends.

Cross-Platform Development

If you are planning to build a fully-customized enterprise application, you can choose .NET because it comes with cross-platform capabilities and allows developers to leverage this framework for the purpose of creating applications on Windows, Linux, or macOS. On the other hand, Xamarin developers also use this framework to build cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS. Reusability is another outstanding feature that makes .NET core one of the best software frameworks for enterprise application development.

Vast Ecosystem

More than 5 million developers are utilising the .NET framework due to its large community. This open-source framework is constantly updated by programmers from all over the world. Similarly, businesses from Jetbrains, Samsung, and Redhat to Google are using .NET for web applications, game development, mobile apps, enterprise apps, and the internet of things.

Scalable Client-Side and Server-Side Applications

Today enterprises have requirements for scalable applications. That’s why it is always recommended to build an enterprise app using .NET because it not only lets you develop scalable solutions but also makes it possible to manage heavy traffic without migrating to another framework.

Ease to Use

Hire a .NET developer at Impinge Solutions and add new features to your web app. You may need to know that .NET includes APIs and class libraries and is easy to integrate with various databases. The framework also provides a variety of tools, interfaces, integrated development environment, development speed, and better UI controls to build applications within a tight deadline.

JavaScript Frameworks Compatibility

One of the latest frameworks from Microsoft is .NET core, which has built-in templates for famous JavaScript frameworks that are Angular and React. Moreover, .NET core offers the infrastructure for JavaScript services and allows developers to create client-side applications. Coding is faster with .NET and allows programmers to develop feature-rich web applications.

Easy Maintenance

There is no need for extensive coding in the case of .NET because it works on the concept of object-oriented programming and helps maintain the framework with ease. It has configuration settings that are easy to modify and built-in checks to ensure that the software is functional and working properly.


.NET is a safe framework for enterprise applications and comes with features like code checks, character validations, code access security, and encryptions. With these functions, developers can provide you with an additional layer of security and protect the application from security loopholes.

Wrapping Up

The interchange of data and communication is possible with a framework like .NET Core. Thus, if you are planning to hire a company for enterprise applications, you can choose professionals who have knowledge of .NET and have the ability to build digital products, web apps and services using. NET. The best part is that .NET helps you to promote your high-quality app at a cheaper cost and can provide enormous growth in the age of digital transformation.

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