Paragon Laboratories



Jay Kaufman


PHP, HTML5, Ajax, CSS, JavaScript


About Project

Custom website design and development becomes an essential factor and helps businesses of all sizes gain a competitive advantage. As it is the process in which from designing, integration, scaling to upgrading, the software application is launched as per the specific requirement of an organization and the targeted audience. Due to the growing demand for a custom web solution, the reputed company in Torrance, CA named Paragon Laboratories was looking for a partner who could build a fully-customized website and provide a personalized experience to the people who are in need of nutritional supplements from powders, capsules to tablets.

The main aim of the nutritional supplements manufacturing company was to get high-quality in its all operations and overall service. According to the client requirement, we created a step-by-step approach and covered various things, such as identifying the different roles of users, defining the scope of activities for each user type, conceptualized a user journey map, finalized technologies, done prototyping of UI, developed web application and performed rigorous testing before deployment. Also, we helped them get 24/7 web maintenance support to improve their website and increase the level of security.