7 Hacks To Increase Conversion Rate On Your Ecommerce Website

Having a great product? That’s good! But it doesn’t always mean that you will attain high ecommerce conversion rates. When it comes to sales, it is completely a game of numbers. These numbers comprise of the people visiting your website. Merely visiting of a large crowd to your ecommerce store is not enough. Getting traffic to your store is great, but if that traffic is not converting, then it’s almost useless. The conversion could be in any form – filling a form, registering for newsletter subscription, buying a product or handing over their email addresses.

When you create ecommerce marketing strategy, you focus stays on increasing website visitors. You perform different marketing strategies like SEO, social media, PPC ads, content marketing and traditional advertising to drive more and more traffic to your ecommerce store. But these strategies will not convert the traffic into conversion. For conversion optimization, you need to focus on encouraging visitors to become your customers when they visit your website.

Despite its significance, conversion optimization remains one of the most ignored aspects of ecommerce marketing. There are many online stores that follow general marketing approach has an average conversion rate of 1-3%. This is because they just perform the formality of marketing without understanding the psychology of web users. Without many conversions, it would be difficult to maintain a sustainable growth of any business.

In ecommerce, optimization and conversion rate are catchphrases that require proper plan and clear objectives to implement. Optimization involves the process of making alterations to your website to make it better, user-friendly and more visible. On the other hand, conversion rate deals with the important changes that you make to your website to encourage visitors to perform purchase or other desired actions like filling out form or engaging with your website through social shares or comments. There are definitely some good practices that you can do to get your business started with sales. Given below are some hacks to increase conversion rate on your ecommerce website.


1. Roll out unavoidable offers during rush hours


Rush hours offers


Create offers that are irresitable and promote those on your landing page during peak hours of visitors on your website. The above screenshot is from website paytm[dot]com that urges its users to take an action and clearly depicts the benefits for taking that action. Offers like these helped people nearly double there conversion rate.


2. Nail your selling through impressive content

Some people consider internet as a visual medium, but we personally think that is a very verbal medium. Your words mean a lot as these should fit well with the branding, be consistent and not distract your business message.

Writing a copy for your ecommerce store is not like writing hypothetical stories. Instead, it is more like combining influential techniques with your writing skills. This is the place where you convey your business message. There are several techniques that you can choose for creating a high converting landing page. However, the selection of these techniques would completely depend on your product, your target audience, target demographics, and brand image. If you are planning to do it yourself, take lessons from experts on the topic and keep a few tweaks in your mind.

  • Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA). And this call to action should be included periodically in your content/page. Adding CTA at the end of product descriptions could be the best option. The CTA is equivalent to “asking for the sale”.
  • Gain your leads by telling them the benefits of the products. A product description comprises of product specifications, features, and benefits, but customers always show interest in the benefits of the products. A good sales copy will focus more on benefits.


3. Use effective images and videos

Images and videos are good ways to increase sales and can either help you achieve your business goals or hurt them badly. When you are selling a physical product, it is necessary that you should share its appropriate images from different angles. This is because; a copy of great images will focus on the features of the product. Videos can also create wonders when it comes to conversions. Some people like them while some dislike them as they don’t have access to your videos. Flash content generally fail to load for different users. So, when you upload a video on your sales page, it is necessary that you should give it a fair amount of bandwidth.

Putting images/videos help you convert visitors into sales. You can show your product images through images which are also a good way to display your product clearly to the buyers.


4. Make your website easy to navigate

It might be true that your website is snazziest among your competitors, but it will be useless if customers don’t find what they are looking for. This will make them leave your website without making any purchase. For example, when you have a virtual store, you need to check how many click throughs it takes to perform purchase on your website. If the process is longer and there are multiple clicks required to get into the right category, then it is more likely that your customers will leave without checking out. It is necessary that your website navigation is clear and click-throughs work. Make sure you offer the same experience to mobile users as today more and more users shop through their mobile phones.


5. Make your checkout more visual

If you wish to make your ecommerce store more visual and easy to understand by the user, it is necessary that the checkout process is simple. Having multiple steps of checkout mat make them frustrated and even abandon your website. This is because they don’t know how far into the process they are. A “checkout progress bar” instead of site navigation can serve as a solution to this concern and some online retail sites even allow for the checkout procedure to be continued at a later date.”


6. Don’t forget SEO opportunities

Being visible on search engines and on top ranking doesn’t happen by chance. A website with SEO friendly framework and is completely up-to-date with search trends and algorithm demands time and strategy. Make sure every product page has accurate page titles, use of relevant keywords and proper Meta tags. Always keep in mind that this whole process of SEO is not just one-time deal, it requires a constant effort if you want to stay in competition.


7. Use Social media to build relationship with customers

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other websites are gaining momentum over the past few years and these sites help you give positive extension to your web presence. Sharing company products, latest announcements and other deals on social media is a great way to reach maximum customers.

You can use all f the above-mentioned tips and tricks to improve your ecommerce conversion rate. Simply take your time and experiment with different solutions to improve the performance of your website.

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