6 Advance Platforms to Promote your Blog Content


You might have written a lot and published a lot too, but doing this much only is not enough. With so much blog rush in the digital world, it is nothing like you will post and they will come and admire on their own. Your work starts soon after the publishing. The moment it is done, the very next task is to promote your content.

For most of the bloggers, the foremost step is to share the written content on Twitter or on Facebook. But just after writing many writers are found lost. In case you are writing down and posting them on limited sites, you are missing a plenty of worthy platforms to get views and shares from.

So, here’s a list of some prominent platforms that can help you get maximum number of views and the desired results.



Turn your blog post into a slideshow presentation while making use of PowerPoint or other similar software, and share this final document on this platform familiar to us as SlideShare. This is one of the places where quality content stands out and very less competition is experienced on this channel if compared to other blog post sites.



StumbleUpon is a social network, offering its users a perfect chance to browse different web pages while clicking the Stumble button. Once you add your content post to this network, it gets a wider promotion and if people like it, it is sure to blink on the random search rotation. Factually, this is one of the easiest methods to win credibility and multiply readership percentage.



Then there is another biggest platform to promote your content famous as Reddit. This is the most useful channel in case you have particular niche as there’s a Reddit sub-forum for it. Having this said, Reddit can be too intense, so here it is important to be sure that the content you are sharing is high-quality content, targeted and totally free of promotional speech.



Scoop.It is an interesting channel people rush to when it comes to finding fresh and interesting content. So, it is a great place to post your quality write-ups here and make people come across it when they look for something relevant. This program offers you to start for free, but these free accounts stay limited to a single topic. However if you do not want this bar in your content promotion schedule, you can have an access to it at $6 per month for five niches. Additionally if you are looking for business accounts then you have an option to pay $67 per month and get an access to 15 topics in all.


Use your Email List

It is true that building up a list of subscribers and followers of people interested in your content is not a big thing. But at this point you need to be concerned about maintaining credibility among your people. Make sure that you set a benchmark for them and live up to their expectations. Whenever you have a new piece of content, share it with your list through email and make people impatiently look for your content mails.


Google+ Communities

Google+ is another famous social networking channel, helping you increase your blog reach. This community offers you to post your content pieces among your interested readers so as to boost up the traffic. But here again there’s a need to be careful of self-promotion in your content. So post exclusive and 100% unique content to Google+ and make sure that the posts you do, offer justifiable value to your followers.

With this, it is not at all difficult to spot the places for blog posts. The internet is actually too wide to offer you the plenty of opportunities. All you need is to be sure about the fact that content is relevant to the particular community you are targeting. At the same time you also need to be sure that you are meeting stringent quality guidelines before making the shares. And, when you do such things, you will notice that there are plenty of potential readers looking forward for your valuable content.

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