Best Content should be kept on Site or Sent Away?

There has been a lot of discussion over the topic “if best content should be kept on the website or should be sent away”

Many search engine specialists have been the part of this discussion about where they should place promotional content. Opinions may vary and often depend on the goals of a webmaster. There are some webmasters who ask for guest bloggers openly as they need content and lack writing staff.

Then there are others who are just beginning. They want columns or guest posts for their websites to boost up their reputation while increasing inbound link counts.

There are many who hold this opinion that if you are going to create great content, it is meant to be kept on your own site. Well, that point is quite clear. But on the other hand, when you keep good content on others website, it fetches the potential traffic to your platform, leads as well as clients.

Let us Share it

Placing content on other’s websites is totally fine. There are many who believe in spreading out and placing content as it works in a better way. It helps in getting a lot of traffic. Organic search can be one of the highest sources of traffic sometimes.

This is another key reason that placing content on other sites helps. If anything will happen to my website, due to this content sharing your website will be able to handle leads and traffic.

In such a condition, referral traffic being third and around 40 percent of the traffic from organic search. There is no way to put my content on someone else’s site. I may put some good content on another site, but I would definitely be somewhat selfish with content that I would spend plenty of time and energy on content creating.

Merits and Demerits

In case you are struggling to decide where content needs to be placed, there is no choice rather than looking forward to seeing where your traffic is coming from and land on a proper decision.

If you see most of the traffic coming from organic searches, it is referred to keep it on your website in most of the cases. So, here we go with some major pros and cons of placing your content elsewhere.


  • You fetch more authority as a professional in different online communities
  • You perk up your chances of new business by reaching a dissimilar audience
  • Your online survival become easy when something happens to your new website
  • You can also be featured on other newsletters and roundups widening your reach.


  • You are the first person driving traffic to others platform with your content
  • You can improve your content anytime
  • The hosting site could be easily shut down
  • Your reputation may depend on the hosting site

Now that you have read about the merits and demerits of keeping it somewhere else, let us make out how it helps when you keep it on your own site.

Pros and cons of keeping it on your own site:


  • When you do any link building for your website, it helps your site and not someone else’s.
  • You fetch traffic to your own website without any middleman
  • You build up your site’s authority
  • You are in total control of the content


  • In case you are penalized, you have a reduced chance of getting traffic
  • You may not be able to reach a diverse audience as you wish because of your website’s demographics
  • You may not enjoy the chance to attract links in case your website is not as a familiar one
  • If you do not rank well and have got a very decent traffic, you may not be able to experience a good


Do not Skip Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Medium and Linkedin may generate loads of traffic which is genuine. You can use Twitter’s tweets and news, take part in Facebook posts or Facebook groups, These are such platforms that are really good for traffic. These also help in getting the feedback in the way of comments on your content.

Content does not mean only articles. You can also use podcasts, infographics, case studies, transcripts of podcasts, slide decks, survey results and more. Blend it all up. Content is actually great for bringing up qualified traffic and this is the most important thing above all.

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