Check the Digital Marketing Checklist for 2018

Since 2018 has started, the users are reflecting over the things which help make out what needs to be changed in 2018.

Technology and trends have been evolving for years, and in order to stay on top of it all, we have engraved this checklist together. And yes if you can mark off each item in the list, then your digital marketing plan is just ready for one great year.


So here is the checklist you need to cater:

  • Videos

You can easily incorporate videos into almost every aspect of the digital marketing. Convincing a potential consumer to watch a short video clip is actually easier than convincing them to read the marketing message. Embed videos in the product pages, email or the landing pages fetch attention of the users. No matter where you are trying to convey a message to the consumer, you will see even more success with snappy, short, video clip than a simple paragraph of the text.

This also provides a complete control over how you actually want to say the things. It may be tough to convey the individuality of your brand, but with the video, it’s certainly a breeze. There is a lot of quality video content also which has been shown to perk up your SEO, and in fact does a better job for converting on mobile.

  • Mobile SEO

Google’s mobile first index can become ready in 2018, so it can be even more important than ever to optimize the site for mobile users. Failing to do so could actually result in having the heavy penalties that may ruin your chances of being spotted in the search results.

The mobile first index is almost run as the mobile searches or the desktop searches. And after this, the results that we get in return can be compatible with your device, so as to ensure a perfect experience with the search engine.

Many times we also have to consider the voice search through digital assistants. When you wish to cater such searches, we consider the type of language people make use of in order to perform the voice searches and choose the perfect keywords accordingly.

  • Facebook Ads

Organic reach has been continuously declining on the world’s largest social media platform and to counteract this, you need to invest in the paid advertising. Facebook provide a broad range of ad types and then bringing this in use can create a wider campaign which may improve your results.

If you wish to target the potential customers, the ads are the key supporters to convert the people using Facebook. And when you do make a click through the primary goals, the friction of a campaign is lowered and one can expect even higher mobile conversion rates. Lead ads are undoubtedly a great option for this.

Facebook has in fact announced its plans recently to start testing the pre-roll ads. These may be available only on the limited content in the very beginning, but it is one more option for the coming months.

  • Influencer Marketing

The Internet has created a new kind of celebrity; there are thousands of them spread across every social media platform and many other sites. They have a propensity to form a deep connection with their audience and provide instant credibility to your brand, where you need to decide marketing through them.

  • Privacy

Privacy is the most reliable tool in any of the marketer’s arsenal. If you are not making use of emails in the marketing, where you have actually been, it is one of the cheapest methods to stay in touch of the consumers and most of the times it is the best mediums through which one prefer to interact with the companies.

One can Use Email to:

  • Direct the consumers to the related content
  • Offer products to them
  • Inform people about the sales

While this may not come in force technically, you need to be prepared in advance. And if you are really active in the marketing world, you must be well aware of this.

  • Content

Producing perfect quality of content is another tried and true marketing technique. A quality blog actually add credibility to your website, which may bring in users and boost the website search ranking as well. Or one can publish the content on other platforms, just to raise the brand’s profile and introduce new customers to your service.

Most of the communication starts with a search which means finding a way to have the content show up things in those search results. It is actually a sure-fire to boost the sales.

  • Social Marketing

When you wish to establish your presence on one or even more social networks, it is best to attach a feeling of community to your brand. It is an exclusive tool for the marketers offering you a large number of personal interactions which may promote things in turn.

Social media is also one of the valuable tools for monitoring the feedback. If you wish to alter something about your business or launch some new campaign, you can rapidly discover how your users feel about it particularly. And in fact this is one of the excellent ways to offer the customer service, since users wish to contact you through social media instead of the work coming their way through the websites ticket system.

  • Geolocation

Personalized market is a lot more effective always and the level of personalization that you achieve with the location data is always high. You can detect when a consumer is within the mile of the physical store and later on send a push notification to the phone inviting them with discount offers or so.

It is the effective use of location data which help market your services with a purely genuine feel. The customers are well aware of the message they are seeing which may be seen by 1000s of other people simultaneously.


No doubt managing a successful digital marketing strategy is a never ending challenge. There are always new trends and the technologies coming into the picture and it is definitely up to you that how you examine them and decide if they are actually useful or not.

We wish something on this list will definitely make its way into the plans for 2018, and you would have found some of the reminders actually helpful to you. So now you are ready to have a perfect grip in the digital marketing world this year. Just go ahead!

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