Discover A Breakthrough In eCommerce Technology With BigCommerce

An idea to develop an eCommerce store is quite interesting, but before you build your online store, it is important to decide the platform on which you would like to develop your store. There are several eCommerce platforms available, but you need to choose the one that can support both your company’s needs and budget. If you have similar needs, then you need a template-based platform as it will be quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective. BigCommerce is one such platform that is believed as the most affordable option for fulfilling both immediate and long-term business needs, BigCommerce is the finest platform to go with. It is the next step for both small and enterprise level businesses that are planning to expand their horizons over the web. BigCommerce is a leading shopping cart platform and can be your ideal choice for increased exposure of your online store. If you want to make your eCommerce store popular and wish to increase your product sales, then there is no other option better than BigCommerce.

There are several reasons why you should prefer BigCommerce Development:

  • Responsive and appealing design themes
  • Comprehensible admin interfaces and complete CMS functionality
  • Integrated marketing tools and flexible customer groups
  • Trouble-free monitoring
  • Complete creative control along with automatic inventory control
  • Coupons, photo display and gift certificates and many more


For any eCommerce solution, it is important that it should offer customer management facilities. It should properly nurture your online store activities which will help you to create a strong customer base that can prove the lifeblood of your business. With solid customer management and eCommerce system, you can:

1. Encourage your customers to create an account on your store, shop looking at the different products, their images and provide them a more personal and comfortable shopping experience overall.

2. Organize your customers into groups and customize your marketing efforts according to different customer categories. You can provide your special customers with discounts on specific products or product categories. You can also plan for some reward programs for your frequent shoppers.

3. Build a good relationship with your shoppers as they are like your advertisers who would refer highly-qualified business to your store. If they are happy, they will come back again and again for shopping at your store. Moreover, their testimonials will be the deciding factor of your reputation in the market.

4. Increase your business revenue by properly managing your customers. There is a clear connection between happy customers, increased sales and a flourishing business. If you get successful in making your current customers happy and coming back for more, then you’ll be in a good place to keep your business floating.

Impinge Solutions is a one-stop shop for BigCommerce Development. We have designed/redesigned more than 1000 eCommerce websites. We have an award winning BigCommerce Development team that is highly regarded for creating some fantastic eCommerce sites. If you are a small startup and trying to create your identity in the digital world, get your products listed on BigCommerce as it offers an opportunity to sell your products at an affordable monthly investment and maintenance. This is a search engine friendly eCommerce platform that offers integrated marketing tools, ability to deal with high volume businesses, powerful features, 24/7 support and many more. We can help you in building and executing store on BigCommerce. We can also help you through our comprehensive BigCommerce Development solutions:

  • Bigcommerce Add-ons integration and development
  • Bigcommerce API Development
  • Bigcommerce Migration Services
  • Bigcommerce Store Design / Redesign
  • Bigcommerce Support and Maintenance
  • Bigcommerce Theme Development & Customization
  • Bigcommerce Website Customization
  • PSD to Bigcommerce

It is important to hire a company that can help you in store development as they have knowledge or experience in answering all ifs’ or buts’ during the store design, development, and maintenance. You don’t need to worry about all this, as they will be taking care of all necessary procedures involved in store development. Just make sure you choose the most suitable web IT solutions provider who perfectly fits into your budget.

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