Should You Choose a DIY Website Builder Option or Hire a Professional Web Developer?

When deciding to start a new website, there are two paths: either create a website yourself or hire a professional website developer that has several skills such as computer literacy, strong communication skills, creative ability, numeracy skills, excellent problem-solving skills, a logical approach to work, attention to detail, the ability to explain technical matters, responsive design skills, interpersonal skills, back-end basics, and more. Website developers also have proficiency in various elements, such as


  • User Interface (UI)
  • User experience (UX)
  • Coding languages, including HTML and CSS
  • Visual design
  • Front-end web programming skills and languages, such as web animation techniques, Ajax, and Javascript
  • A good understanding of SEO
  • Backend web programming languages, such as PHP, Java, C#, and Ruby
  • Design software like Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Web servers and how they function

Difference Between DIY Website Builder or Hiring a Professional

The platforms of DIY website builder provides website template or set of themes to users and give options from which one can choose. After selection, the user can have a drag and drop interface that contains some blocks for images, text, and videos that the user can add to build the website.

In order to place the content, such as images or texts, it is necessary to add the blocks. Also, one can get a customized-based facility for setting the layout, formatting the fonts, and choosing the website color from the color palette.

How to Choose a DIY Website Builder

There are a wide variety of DIY website builder options available now, but it can be challenging for a business owner to decide which one is the best for their company.

However, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are the most popular DIY website builder. But, you can experience other services like email platforms and introduce the functionality of a website builder.

Apart from this, many people today are using the MailChimp DIY website builder, but we can confidently say that none of them are one-size-fits-all solutions. If you decide to go this way, we would like to recommend that you should study the features of the website builder thoroughly before trying any free trial period.

Watching the demo video is the best option to know about the interface of a builder, but it isn’t easy to understand the platform until you don’t know how it works.

Benefits of Hiring a Web Developer or a Professional?

The people who are working as website developers have comprehensive knowledge of color, imagery, space, and typography, and most importantly, they know how to capture the attention of the audience and how to win any business. You may know that professionals have a wide array of tools to ensure that your website will be easily accessible, load faster, and optimized for search engines.

You may indeed have concerns related to the cost of hiring a professional. Still, it can become more cost-effective when you choose a highly knowledgeable and trustworthy web and mobile app development company.

On the other hand, a DIY website builder will require more time if you have important tasks to do and run your business. Whereas a professional is capable of streamlining the process with the help of their years of experience, knowledge, and the ability to provide you with insights on best practices.

Some of the other advantages of choosing a web developer are given below:

Unique Design

An experienced web developer or designer can provide you with a 100% unique design for your website. You need to understand that it becomes effortless to form a good impression on your targeted customers when making a well-designed website. Also, it helps you get more conversions with leads plus gives a great user experience to your website visitors.

Unlimited Functionality

Depending on the choice of your web developer, you can get unlimited capabilities to improve the functionality of your website. If you have a budget of around $500-$3000, you can create a win-win statement.

Optimized Page Performance and User Experience

The role of web developers is to design and develop the website to keep the end-users in their minds. They know what kind of people will access your website and what experience they will get from your website. To improve the user experience, they can provide additional modifications with a complete custom design.

Hiring a Web Developer for Website Building Vs. Developing a WordPress Site Yourself

Hiring a Web Developer DIY Website Builder
No WordPress experience is needed, and no other technical knowledge is required. The experts will manage everything. A basic understanding of WordPress is required or other technology you choose to create a website yourself.
The website and the entire functionality can be customized as per your business requirements. You need to choose a readymade and may be paid WordPress theme. The functionality is provided by WordPress plugins.
It is a time-saving option. You need to give one deadline to get your website ready. It requires a lot of time if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about WordPress.
You can design any type of website and release it within a few days. If you want to design and develop a website for learning purposes, you can start with the building of basic websites.

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