Google has introduced device-specific bid adjustment feature in Adwords

It’s time to strategize your ads according to the device with Google Adwords bid modifier. Google is reopening its doors to the device-specific campaign, which will allow you to adjust your bids according to device type – tablet, smartphone, desktop, etc. In simple words, Google will give you full control of adjusting your ads and setting device priority for the campaign.


With the improved ways of controlling account structures and developing bidding strategies, marketers can now segment useful data through different useful ways and incorporate most up-to-date optimization approach where they fit perfectly. PPC managers need to work a lot on changing their bidding strategies as there is lots of scope for device-specific maneuvering. Moreover, brands have to explore new branding ideas, especially those who have customers interacting with their ads on mobile devices. They also need to create separate optimization strategies for both desktop and mobile phones.


As a marketer, you may find it tempting to split your marketing campaign into more granular mobile, desktop, and tablet-specific campaigns. Apart from dividing data, you also need to check the efficiency and measure the ROI because it is necessary to ensure whether this division is proving useful for your business or not.


Understanding Audience Behavior Shifts


It has been found that there are more people who perform searches through mobile phones than through desktop, as a result of which, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic on the search engine. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to anchor mobile bids to desktop and tablets bids. Customers behave differently on different devices. That’s why there is a need of device specific segmentation to push performance. There is no point in bidding desktop bids if your desktop performance is worse as compared to mobile. You need to create and understand your performance goals to maintain a balance between efficiency and ROI.


Why Are Mobile Devices Users’ First Choice?


No one can deny the fact that mobile devices provide an absolutely unique browsing experience as compared to desktop and even tablets. These devices also let users search quickly, digest information and make decisions more quickly.


How To Match Your Ads With A Landing Page?


As already mentioned, mobile phones help users take action quickly, as a result, you need to craft landing pages in such a way that these lead customers down the sales funnel with simplified content. For any ad campaign to be successful, it is necessary that it should result in store visits, which will help in driving valuable activity as compared to other devices. Customers who are in the research phase of the buying cycle are expected to go through different website pages, especially those that are rich in information and help them in making purchase decisions. This is mainly true in the case of complex purchases like vehicle, computers or jewelry.


It can be concluded that with this new feature in Adwords, brands have been providing with the opportunity to expand their business with Google AdWords’ bid modifier. Now you can tune your performance by creating device specific strategies and making more focused bids. With consolidated campaigns, your Adwords strategy will be more successful resulting in the outstanding ROI through device bid adjustments.


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