How does web design and development affect marketing?

When you ask a group of people what is the definition of a good website or how they define a good website, most of the answers you’ll receive will be related to design, appearance and easy browsing. It’s true indeed! Website design and its appearance make a very first impression of the business. Design is not the only factor that contributes to the business success, the way a website performs, its page loading speed, content displayed, payment methods used and many more factors also have an equal hand in any business success. This is the user side, but the business owner side is completely different. For a business owner, a good website is the one that brings lots of money in the form of sales into the back account.

In the present time, prospects connect with your business through your business website. Your very first good or bad impression will be given through your business site. It will be definitely good if your site is impressive, works well, navigation is easy and payment option is quick. But it will definitely be bad if your site takes time to load, product information is incomplete, online payment options are not available, etc. On that note, if you are someone who has an interest in building websites and web designing, you can try joining an online course or look for online resources such as this YouTube channel and others like it that can help you in learning the basics.

However, having a nicely designed website is not enough to impress audiences, drive traffic and increase sales. Website design and development contributes equally to the website success and also affect the marketing efforts required to be performed to gain successful business reach. You might have to hire a professional who is an expert in website designing, marketing, SEO and provides features like Branding & Indenting, UI/UX Web, eCommerce, etc. It is possible to find agencies that deal with development of business websites online, provided you do the right research.

Many business managers spend a great deal of time and money on website design and development. They believe that once website is ready for launch, they will hire a reasonable marketing expert who will do some magic and their website will start gaining visitors. They even expect to reach on the top search engine ranks overnight. Unfortunately, their expectations are difficult to fulfill without any solid marketing strategy. Marketing of a business begins before website is created. A website that is endeavor to sell something should follow the website design that should strengthen your brand and pull out you marketing messages to reach well to your potential customers. You need to strategize and employ your marketing efforts before the website launch.

How Market niche, Audience and Demographics are Important?

You must have knowledge about your target audiences and the kind of design they will like. If you define your target audience on the basis of location and demographics will help you save money. It is always better to focus your marketing efforts on potential customers whom you think will probably buy your product or service rather than wasting your resources on those who can never be your customers in the near future. Always create a website that is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of your target customer. Once you are clear about your market niche, you can create a profitable strategy keeping in mind your business niche.

How would you describe a good website?

A good website is not the one that is pretty or trendy. A good website brings you loads of money. Let’s understand how. Here is a basic Digital Marketing Equation:

Revenue = Traffic X Conversion Rate X Conversion Value

Let’s understand the importance of this equation. Let’s say your website gets 1,000 visitors each month, 1 percent of those convert into sales or leads, and those sales or leads make your business $500 each.

Revenue ($5,000) = Traffic (1,000) X Conversion Rate (1%) X Conversion Value ($500)

The important and clever thing about this equation is that it’s multiplicative. If you improve the conversion rate by, say, 10 percent (1.1 percent instead of 1 percent), your revenue also changes by 10 percent.

Revenue ($5,500) = Traffic (1,000) X Conversion Rate (1.1%) X Conversion Value ($500)

For a website designer, developer or agency, the primary goal should be working that multiplicative magic on the conversion rate. Our last goal should be to focus on aesthetics or user experience. This is why web design and development are integral part of digital marketing.


SEO and Traffic

People related SEO with more and more traffic, but gaining traffic is not that easy. You need to take care of the three things:

  • Don’t get involved with too much technical SEO.

  • Build idea and look for target based content.

  • Build online authority using Digital PR and outreach campaigns.

Out of these three, designers and developers have to consider only first two points. Apart from this, there are a few things that marketers have to take care like SEO-friendly URLs and make required changes to the robots.txt file or sitemap.

Making the user interface and site design search engine friendly is the most important task and it can achieved only if there is a proper communication between marketing expert and designing & development experts. Final step is to include proper keywords in the content, write optimized page title and description and add on-page Meta tags across every page of the site.

Site structure and content

The biggest problem with website content is face with ecommerce website. The site content and structure are found duplicate. Duplicate content is commonly found when a product has multiple variants which differ in color or size. There is possibility that same product may have multiple URLs. To prevent this issue, go for canonical tags. Canonical tags tell search engines which URL leads to the unique product page.

If your marketing team tells you about hidden text, hidden links, keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects or link farming, take a quick action by removing all these links or content. These are bad ways to increase your search engine rankings, also known as black hat tactics, which could penalize your website.

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