How Ruby on Rails is a Good Choice for Website Development?

There are many who find Ruby on Rails (ROR) hot at the moment, but is it really a legitimate choice for website and application development or just an exhortation that allures everyone. Ruby on Rails, often referred as Rails, is a framework used to build websites. Rails offers the most affordable option to develop and maintain websites with improved performance and faster development times.


If you get your website or application developed in Rails, it will give you real value for money without compromising on performance or flexibility. There are certain cases where rails would not be a good option. Let’s understand when and where you can and cannot use Ruby on Rails.


  • E-COMMERCE: It is good decision to develop an e-commerce site in Rails as this language offers user-friendly features and follows modular approach to site development. There are so many high-end features that you can get in Rails like bulk uploads, custom pricing algorithms, and on-the-fly photo resizing/cropping.


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  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT: If you have plans of sharing thousands of articles, blogs, audio files, or other database-friendly content, ROR is a great option. It gives you an ease to upload and manage the content.


  • MEMBERSHIP SITES: Social and membership sites work pretty much good into Rails. Different plug-ins are available to solve all kinds of challenges you may face during development.


Benefits of Using Ruby On Rails

There are several benefits of using rails. These include


Quick Website Launch: It generally takes 12 weeks to build a site. In Ruby, a website is launched within 6 weeks. There are so many reasons of time saving: a leaner code-base, a modular design, and the availability of existing plug-ins.


Easy To Make Changes: With Rails, you can easily make changes and add features to the launched website or app.


Highly Cost-effective: The speed with which Rails sites can be developed and modified, less money is spend to create and maintain the website.


Impinge Solutions has been providing robust Ruby on Rails (ROR) web application development. We have extensive knowledge and experience in Ruby on Rails platform that can help businesses leverage several advantages for developing scalable and flexible applications. The RoR apps that we create can be seamlessly integrated with third party applications. We are passionate about creating RoR apps and committed to providing our clients with superior support, quality services and sustainable solutions for this well-known open source technology.


How We Can Help You With Our Ruby On Rails Web Development?


Impinge Solutions plays a significant role in the web development industry as the best Ruby on Rails development company. We have successfully completed several projects on RoR development. Our technically skilled developers present the best to our clients as they implement all incredible features of Ruby on Rails framework to provide robust and flexible solution according to project requirements and clients’ expectations.


We provide:


  • Web portal development

  • Custom ROR web & application development

  • ROR Web 2.0 development

  • Layout design

  • eCommerce Application development

  • Ruby on rails application development

  • ROR support and maintenance

  • ROR installation & CMS development

We believe in 100% client satisfaction through cutting-edge technologies and top-notch solutions. We aim at providing high performance RoR web development solutions and using incredible feature of code optimization. RoR is a quick development platform as it possesses the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. We adopt every productive methodology for RoR web development that will suit the client and its requirements.


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