How to Improve Mobile App Ranking with Increased App Downloads?

Getting a mobile app for your business is a very good decision as it is first and foremost approach to reach maximum people in your target audiences. Your design is ready, app functionality is perfect and testing has been successful. Now what??? Your job is not completed yet. You need to make efforts to enhance your app’s mobile visibility as most of the users perform searches on their mobile devices. Smartphones give users convenience and mobility, that’s why their interest towards apps and mobile sites have increased a lot. So, while designing your business app, make sure you don’t compromise on the user experience.


Once designing, development and testing is done, you have to start planning the marketing strategies to make it crowd-pleasing. There are millions of apps on apps store to give you tough competition. Some believe that good design, sharing app link on social sites and promoting it through different promotional channels would do the marketing work. It may be possible that it would reach your potential customers, but are they downloading your app? If not, then find out the reason. Your promotion efforts will all go in vain if you are not following the right strategies of app marketing.


Let’s find out the ways through which you can grow the number of app downloads.


  • A Nice, Long App Description: A great translated description of your app is necessary when you put up your business app in the market. It is not only important for your audiences, but also for your app ranking. Your description should be in the local language where you want to target your app. You can translate your description using Google translator, but don’t forget to doubly sure as sometimes translations are weird.


  • Stuff Suitable Keywords: Your app description must contain specific “keywords” that will help search engines recognize you app and let your app display in the search results. For this, you need to search for lateral keywords using Adwords keyword tool. These lateral keywords will improve the chance of your app to be appeared in search results for those main keywords.

  • Make An App Video: Creating an app video describing all about your business app is must for enhancing its popularity among audiences. You can create it yourself or take help of an agency. Try get it translated in the local language as it would be an additional benefit.


  • CPI Campaign: Traffic you will obtain on your app would not much especially when it is new to the search engine. Moreover, people go for only as far as 50th app in the list. One such way to gain more and more traffic is CPI burst campaigns, i.e. Cost-Per-Install through different users. You will pay some amount for each install. It will propel your app in the list of Top 50 apps in your niche. Once you get successful in reaching that spot, you will see long lasting results worth the money you spent.


  • Special Offers: You can launch special discounts or offer app for free or at half price for some time. This when combined with CPI campaign will have mind-blowing results. You can also promote your app through other apps that allow you to promote your discounted app just like deal sites.


  • Have Analytics: You need to keep your device active to check continuous downloads. You can easily get user behaviors from download to app deletion.


So, it can be concluded that these points will definitely help any business app grow more and reach to millions of downloads in under a year. Some tips you may find difficult to apply. For this, you would need a help of application development company with good reputation and great experience.

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