How to Perform SEO of your eCommerce Store?

Those who own an online eCommerce store, they keep updating their store by listing new products every time something new is introduced in the market and relevant to their business. They simply aim one thing, i.e. more and more people should start strolling through their products and their sales graph should rise significantly. But most of the times it turns out to be really far from reality.


Listing new products on your store or some other eCommerce platform doesn’t mean that your task is complete. You need to optimize each listing so that search engine traffic starts strolling on the product listings. Optimizing eCommerce store or website is complicated as compared to optimizing company blog. There are lots of product pages that keep hobbling on and off the site. You may face numerous problems with these pages which can make SEO troublesome for your eCommerce store. Your store may have the following SEO errors:


Missing Product Description: Lack of text description of the product could increase the chances of the page not being shown in the top results. Moreover, if one product has different color variants, then each color variant must have a unique product description. This means no two descriptions can have similar content.


Lack of Product Reviews: People read reviews before they buy any product. If your site or store doesn’t have product related reviews, then you may probably miss large percentage of audiences. Review pages and product rating also helps the listing to get ranked on search engine results.


Improper Product Pages Optimization On The Basis Of Search Demand: People type search terms or specific product related keywords when they look for any product. Make sure you include potential terms in your product headlines, title pages, and descriptions.


Similar Titles: Products with similar titles may result in duplication. Take care of title uniqueness and try to avoid identical titles.

It is must for every business to rank their website high in Google results. But for this, you need to know the right ways to get your eCommerce store on the top. It is important that you must understand the SEO game and plan your actions accordingly. You should not aim to reach at the first page; instead, your aim should be ranking your business on rank #1.


Let’s get started with the information how you can hit #1 position on search engine results page.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis: Targeting right keywords can help you run campaign that will definitely generate quality traffic and lots of conversions. You need to find keywords for:

  • Homepage

  • Product pages

  • Blog topics

You may also choose long and short tail keywords as these are the unique searches that people make to find the products online. You need to avoid keywords cannibalization which occurs when several pages of the website try to rank on the same website. You need to list your website along with target keywords.


Next thing is to find out which are the keywords that your competitors are using. With the help of free Moz Toolbar, you can easily find out keywords list they are targeting, their Domain Authority and Page Authorities. You also need to check the sources from where they are getting inbound links. Also, check their site architecture, navigation and how deep their links go. You need to create a strategy and differentiate your website from your competitors.


Find Out Current Errors: You need to find out the information regarding website errors, missing header tags, redirects, and duplicate pages. Also, check the website speed as audiences don’t like to hang around and wait for your website to load.


On-Page Optimization: When it comes to on-page optimization, there are 8 key targets you need to concentrate. These include:

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Site Structure

  • Internal Linking

  • Usability

  • Mobile Version of Website

  • Customer Reviews

  • Rich Snippets

  • Social Media Integration

Once you optimize each and every element of your site, your site will start showing positive results in terms of traffic and conversion.


Blog Content: As already mentioned, keyword research is important to any SEO strategy. You need to optimize your website pages for one keyword. The blog is one such way through which you can make your website rank. Just optimize each post for a particular keyword. For this, your blog posts need to be of very high quality with information-rich matter that should attract more and more readers. Don’t over stuff the keywords as Google will penalize for over stuffing of keywords.


Link Building: Earning quality inbound links is also important, which is a part of link building. These links should be from high authority sites as Google doesn’t give preference to low-quality links and doesn’t support content farms. Offer high-quality guest posts, put great infographics, co-authoring a research study and much more. These will definitely help you earn quality links from high authority websites.


No one can deny the fact that SEO work demands time and dedication and the benefits are truly commendable. Once you understand the exact strategy of hitting the Google, you will definitely witness the positive results.


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