How to Write Fascinating Content

Have you ever thought why some content fetch a lot of attention while other one doesn’t? Regardless of your busy schedule, there’s always some specific content that gains your undivided attention. So what is it that those writers know and others do not?
Well, there are a lot of psychological orders that play role in this. You could say that prominent content has a somewhat different touch that a mediocre content miss to have. Now you may think that content that seems to be exclusive is simply better or somewhat more valuable, you are probably wrong there. The internet is loaded with valuable content which makes it almost a commodity and not a differentiator of course.

The fact is this that gurus in the industry are not very smart than you are. They may have a specific level of authority but that authority is not the only reason people read their content so well. The key to a fascinating piece of content is simpler than you may realize and they are actually there at your fingertips. Here are a few secrets the pros make use of in order to draw readers in, keep them involved and put them into an action.

Make use of Images and Data to fetch Credibility

People believe in trusting the data more than the opinions. In case you have not built any credibility so far with an audience, you can make use of the data to your advantage. Look for the statistics and the studies that back up.

Make use of the Visual Content

You may be thinking how content can be presented visually? Simply include the data and the statistics, take those statistics and put them all in a visual of any type. You should see the engagement of that blog post increasing greatly. The human brain asks for numbers, evidence, and the images. It makes sense to use the combination of graphs, statistics, screenshots and charts to your benefit.

Make use of Quotes for Quick Authority

Since the internet is loaded with so much valuable content it is no less than a commodity at this point and of course, this is not a differentiator.

There are chances of skimming some powerful statement which may be buried within the text of an article. Just arrange the similar statement with a byline and all of a sudden it will become words to live by. It is mostly like this because your brain thinks it to be true as it is in quotes.

Maybe this is the reason we tend to quote the successful and influential people. Quotes actually have got a little bit of implied legitimacy. No matter what the quotes work and they are one of the great ways to quickly give your content a specific level of the authority.
Keep your Readers Engaged with the use of Stories

Why are we so much fond of movies, the TV shows or some books? Actually, the fact is that we are hardwired to stories, especially the love stories. They communicate a language that we tend to understand at a primitive level.

You can do this by spinning a very simple topic as a storyline and you may make it more appealing and engage the very moment. Sadly this is not easy to do always. Even if there is a very little amount of storytelling included in the content, it can make a huge difference to the things.

For instance: Rather than making your point outright, portray an example that truly illustrates your messages. It will resonate a lot more with your readers and they are sure to be more attentive to it.

Use Subheadings to make Reading Easier

There is no possibility to make your readers take any action if you cannot keep them on the page. It is more than 80 percent of the battle. Winning this attention needs understanding how people take content in the very first place.

Most of the readers have got a similar type f reading strategy. You may see the headline first, read first few lines of it and then skim until you see its subheading that is interesting to be read.

It is important that you structure your content so that the gist of it can be taken by reading the subheadings only. They should be actually able to understand the key points without having to dig through the complete content to seek the message you intend to deliver.

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