Landing Page Design Mistakes That You Make On Your Business Website

Landing Page, also known as, “lead capture page” is a standalone page that is created keeping a particular objective in mind. It is a website page that appears to the user in response to the link that he clicks on a search engine optimized results or online ads. A landing page is important from business point-of-view because it asks visitors to do lots of things, and if it is not perfectly designed, then it can badly affect the entire page’s conversion rate. There are so many landing page design errors that you need to avoid. These include:


  • Boring or Disconnected Headline: Many times it happens that an online ad attracts you and on clicking, it will take you to the main page with completely disconnected or boring content. It is extremely important that your landing page should have sense with what you are showing in the ad. Visitors have some expectations of what they want to see on the page that follows the click. What changes their mind is the headline they see on the landing page. If it is not a continuation of what they have seen in the ad, then they will simply close the page. With such boring or disconnected headlines, you are shooting yourself. The headline is important because it tells visitor all about the page. An attractive and meaningful heading makes them stay and keep reading the page content.


  • Too Much Text or Ads on the Landing Page: Too much information is not at all a good way to impress the visitor. It will look like a wall with so much information that visitor doesn’t even bother to read most of them. Such an action will definitely make you lose your customers instead of gaining them through overwhelming information. Whatever information you share on the landing page should be relevant to the business theme. Make sure that the volume of text is perfect so that it should hit the audiences in the way you expect. It should not have any negative impact.


  • Lack Of Appealing And Suitable Images: When a visitor visits the landing page, there should be something appealing and exceptional that can make the visitor stays on the page. Apart from text on the page, an image has the potential to keep the interest of the visitors on your page. If your page lacks an image or graphics, then your product or service will seem boring and lifeless.


  • Lack of Call to Action Button or Uninspiring Color of CTA Button: Landing pages lacking a call to action button are useless as it is easy to direct visitors to the landing page through a search engine or ads, but it will be difficult for you to convert them to customers without a call to action button. Even if you have improper CTA button, then also it is of no use. You need to take care of the size of CTA button, the color of the button and the amount of whitespace surrounding it. It should not be hidden but should be right there clearly visible to the customers so that they can take instant action. Moreover, the position of CTA also matters. Make sure you place it at the appropriate position. Even multiple CTA buttons distract your leads and prevent them from converting.


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  • Slow Page Loading Speed: Loading speed of landing page has a great impact on the performance on that page. If it fails to load within 5 seconds, then most of the people close the page. In e-commerce stores, the loading time should be a little less, i.e. 3 seconds otherwise bounce rate will increase. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or catchy your landing page is, if it fails to load quickly, you might lose your customers.


  • Not using the language of Customers: Using difficult language is not the right way to promote your business. The language you use should catch your audiences. You can use jargons and impressive wordings to impress your customers. You need to have your audiences connected with you through language and matching vocabulary. The company has to explain a lot of things about its products and services. It is necessary that they should use friendly language that is easy to understand.


  • Bad Typography: In order to impress audiences, many companies ornate their landing pages with the fonts that are difficult to read. They think that such typos will attract audiences, but the fact is that they take away the attention of the visitor.


It is true that your landing page must be appealing so that it catches the attention of the individuals, but make sure to avoid overdoing things as it can make your page unattractive. It is also essential that every element on your landing page is in a proper proportion and test each one of them to ensure that they steer visitors towards conversion.

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