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5 Sure-Shot Ways to Market Your Business App on a Low-Budget, and Even For Free
By: Admin Posted on: December 18, 2019 Category: App Development
Table of contents
Define your Landing Page
Feature your App in a Blog Post or Article
Leverage Social Media Channels to Visualize
Create and Share a Demo Video
Take Advantage of Alternative App Stores

Big brands, such as Google and Amazon, spend millions of dollars on their advertising and digital marketing campaigns to maintain a prominent position in the market even though they are already the talk of the town. They are aware of the fact that marketing their products and services in the right manner is critical to creating the hype among their targeted audience and even get noticed by their competitor’s customers. So, does that mean start-ups and SMBs that are on a modest budget should take a gigantic loan or give up all of their core advertising efforts altogether?

If you want to sell your products or services and create a brand value in the market, that’s not an option.

Developing a unique mobile app and deploying it in an app store is half the battle. After investing your time and money on getting all the mobile app development done, it only makes sense to educate your potential users about the existence of your app. If not, you will fail to get the attention of prospects and also lose the opportunities of evaluating and establishing a consumer base. In short, people won’t get engaged with your business and can’t purchase your product or service if they don’t know it exists in the first place.

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  • In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of five effective and tried-and-tested ways that will enable you to promote your business app to the targeted demographic and acquire loyal users, even if you are low on the budget.

    Define your Landing Page

    Before embarking on the journey of promoting your app, you will need a well-designed landing page or website that highlights the main features and operational functions of your business app. A landing page or even a microsite acts as your digital business card that creates an immaculate first impression, increases brand visibility, and offers the ultimate advantage of convenience as well as control over the content and design involved. Additionally, having a pre-launch responsive mobile website or landing page with visible Play Store and App Store links is one of the most successful digital marketing ways to enable your existing consumers and targeted audience to find you and increase your app downloads.

    Design a compelling and informative mobile app landing page consisting of an overview of your app product or service, main features, working links (for your app), and actionable, emotive Call-to-Actions (CTAs). If you already have a business website, include your app product on your landing page along with a CTA.

    Feature your App in a Blog Post or Article

    If you have an official blog linked to your company website or a blogging website, it can act as one of the most valuable digital marketing and SEO assets to promote your app. Having an operational blog with a loyal consumer base allows you to introduce your mobile app with all of the existing subscribers as well as new visitors interested in your content. By creating an engaging blog post/article solely about your app features and benefits or telling the story and inspiration behind your app product, you can encourage your readers and targeted audience to install the app. You can also find the recognized bloggers relevant to your app’s niche and ask them to feature your mobile app in one of their posts. There are different blogging platforms and blog posting services available that you can leverage for more exposure, traffic, and installs, including app review blogs, guest blogs, and sponsored blogs.

    Leverage Social Media Channels to Visualize

    Mobile apps and social media services go together like a horse and carriage, making an incredible impact on people’s life habits, interactions, and purchasing behavior. Statista has reported increasing usage of social media apps in the US, with Facebook stood at the top and used by over 169 million mobile users as of Sep 2019.

    Social media marketing platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, can be like a roulette wheel that enables companies to market their business app in a public venue. Reaching your potential users on social media channels where they are active most allows you to interact with them and promote your services and messages flexibly and directly.

    For instance, displaying an advertisement for your newly launched mobile business app through stunning visuals grabs the attention of your target audience and encourages them to install your app.

    Create and Share a Demo Video

    With attention-span shortening, it has become essential to introduce a speed bump in your potential users’ social media newsfeed. Piggybacking off the on-point, eye-catching visual theme, an introduction or demo video is another effective, cost-effective digital marketing strategy that can make a huge difference in your total app download numbers. If done correctly, it can work wonders and turn ordinary internet users to raving, loyal customers. You can create a simple, short 30-second commercial ad explaining:

    • the idea behind the inception of your app and what’s the purpose of it – Why;
    • the specific actions are taken to set your app out for attaining that purpose successfully – How, and;
    • what results the user should expect for your business, products, or services – What.

    Social networks are multifunctional and interactive computer-mediated technologies that allow you to distribute your video content across various platforms and facilitate the sharing of your app information.

    Here are five tips to create successful, killer marketing videos about your mobile app and services:

    1. Create a stimulating and eye-catching title for the video to gain people’s attention.
    2. Develop a script, storyboard, or event that can evoke emotions from viewers and make them install your app.
    3. Make sure that your video content can be accessed, consumed, and enjoyed on mobile devices.
    4. Focus more on your mission and educating your audience about your app and its purpose, features, and benefits for users.
    5. Include a clear Call-to-Action in your video to move visitors towards the next step and perform a certain act immediately.

    Take Advantage of Alternative App Stores

    While the App Store and Google Play Store are the usual go-to places for iOS and Android apps respectively, there are also other options companies and app owners can exploit and launch their app to. As a globally recognized appellation, there’s fierce competition and too few breaks to get name and fame on the Play Store. An alternative to the Play Store and the App Store can offer more options for advertisement and promotions while providing your app with the opportunity to show up in the recommended app list. Some of the store alternatives cater to countries and give access to more segmented, localized, and specialized audiences.