New Design Trends For Exciting Websites

There is no remote to control the trends. These keep on changing especially in the design world where time and trends change like anything. One needs to move with the pace in order to taste the flavor of success continuously. But it can be bitter for those who overlook changing web design trends and don’t follow it. Changing complete website design merely based on trends is also not the right thing to do. Always consider needs of your user and your business before taking important decisions because sometimes trend based sites become out of date quickly.

With every passing year, many new design trends loom on the horizon. The field of designing keeps on changing with new workflows, practices, and tools. Big businesses update their websites by hiring a Web design Essex agency to be ahead of the game. Without professional help, it can be difficult to envisage which design trend can be the best for your business, and one that can draw the greatest attention. Anyway, let’s check out some of the latest design trends of 2016.


1. Hamburger Menu Button

Hiding navigation under hamburger menu is the trend that has become favorite of those who wish to have clutter free website. This menu can be easily placed on both mobile and desktop version of the website. This is the most simplifying navigation type. But it is true that this navigation style cannot work for every site. Those who have e-commerce store or news site should not think of incorporating information or options inside one button. For such sites, consequences of hamburger can be difficult as they may face skyrocket bounce rates on landing pages and will also miss information where users are clicking.


2. Website Design with Split Layout

Split screen layout includes full web components that are divided into two or more vertical columns. Such a screen split is very much in trend and a bold stylistic decision that may affect UX if doesn’t go well. If this type of layout is executed properly, then it can offer an outstanding viewing experience. Apart from visual aesthetics, such layout type is effective for landing pages with two different actions. For example, login and signup forms, products with different color options and paid and free subscriptions.


3. Cards

 We have already seen the efficiency of cards and how relevant information can be displayed in a single container. Many social sites are already using the idea of cards for displaying information like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Cards are a preferable way to display your information as it easy to understand and allow you to organize a large amount of data in an easy way. You can easily share the content across different social channels.


4. Low Key Design

There is a very common saying that “Content is King”. A few designs focus more on content and less on design. In order to create a visual aesthetics, just remove all distractions and simply keep the focus on content. It will reduce loading time, increase legibility and create an atmosphere of sophistication.


5. Animation Rich Designs

You could see a great variation in animations from small, intricate to fully blown animations could be noticed on the website. These help in creating a lively and engaging experience. Moreover, motion attracts the attention of many on specific elements. Animations can also act as a storyteller. You can provide your users with immersive experiences through animations.


6. Long Scrolling

Websites with long scrolling homepage are creating a successful business as such a design template has been proving very attractive and giving outstanding user experience. Such a template translates well on mobile devices or smaller screens. Apart from this, long scrolling is believed to have more storytelling potential and helps in engaging users. Navigation is quite simple, but you can add surprise elements into it.


If you have a good designing team that has excellent skeptical, then you don’t have to bother about your website design. Tthey would research and come up with stupendous design for website. All these trends give the fresh, attractive and interesting appearance to your website. So choose wisely!



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