Some Essential Concepts for Ecommerce marketing

Today Ecommerce is one of the revolutionizing industries on web. Regardless of the product or commodity you are selling, there are many other companies selling the same products and services. 

This means when it comes down to marketing, there is a dire need to get more consumers than your competitors.

But the question is how do you market an Ecommerce platform? What are those strategies that help you get success in the field?

The chief problem with Ecommerce companies is that all the online business sites look alike. The categorized shelves, shopping cart, payments and the check out pages. This similar structure is a bar and makes SEO of online retail stores a bit complicated, but if you know the nuances of marketing and SEO, this is not a major issue for you. This blog throws light on some important concepts one need to know before proceeding with the advertising and marketing of an Ecommerce site.

Product Description Page is your Mirror

This is the first and most important page of your Ecommerce portal. It is actually the place where customer will look for the detailed product descriptions. This page holds all the information about a specific product like: product picture, the detailed specifications, price comparison and lastly making the final decision which actually lets decide if you want to make a purchase or not.

This is a bit complicated and critical too. Someone looking for particular brand will step on the platform with a mindset to make a purchase whereas someone searching sports shoe or men’s shoe will look around for the best options available on your site. At this point, there’s a need to do proper optimization of your page so that when people look for specific searches, they are able to find you.

With this here’s a list of some most important things one can do to enhance the product description page appearance.

  • Invest as much time as you can and improve your product detail page.
  • Each and every word written on this page must be searchable.
  • Understand the relationship between product name, title tag and other things so that the page can be easily optimized.
  • Lay stress on text and tabular data while following a structure and context of your headings.

Apart from this, detailed product specification page is also important for search, taking in both on-site and external search engines.

Personalization of Brand

Regardless of what you sell, being an online retail store it is important for you to have personal relations with your potential consumers. It actually interests the buyers to invest more in your brand.

Personalization basically lets you track the searches of your users and help you make out what are people looking for on your platform.
Once you are aware of these preferences, you can use cookies to meet up people’s demands. Not only this, personalization lets you win credibility and build up relationships with your consumers.

With this personalized web content, you also get the advantage of shooting personal emails to your people. This offers you to send them a message conveying special offers and related stuff.

In a nutshell, it is important for your users to have at least some degree of personalization. Online shoppers love receiving invites and messages of their interests, and if you strike better at that point, it offers you a great way to bring on more products.

Remind them of Carts

It is very disappointing when customers leave items in their cart and do not get back to those for long times. However, for such experiences, there are cart reminders that help your consumers get back and purchase if they really want to.

Cart reminders are the emails sent automatically to your users after a certain time period. Companies can also use text messages to remind customers about items in their shopping carts. By using text communication, businesses might be able to customize the customer experience and guide them through the buyer’s journey.

No matter what, the objective is always to invite your customer back to your platform to finish their purchase. The shoppers adding to your cart must already have logged in with their email ids which means you have their contact to get in touch with them.

These cart reminders actually make your consumers recall what they want to buy and take a final step.
However carts are not the only tags that need to be taken in account for marketing your online store. There’s a lot more than that.

Enhance Social Sharing

Social media marketing is a critical part of any Internet marketing plan. But it’s exceptionally important for ecommerce companies. While most of the population exist there on internet, it is important that you let people come across your tweets, posts or all that you share on your portal.

Not only does it let you target the people who have shown their interest in one way or the other but it also offers their friends and further links to come across the products you offer. As a result of this, you get a lot of offers from new people who probably become your potential customers. In simple words: Social sharing brings new contacts and customers who market for you indirectly. It just takes your product and relevant information to be posted on the social media sites.

But even after this there is one more marketing concept that still needs to be brought into scene for actual growth.

Product Reviews

Though online shopping has greatly come into evolution, but still there are people who mind trusting the products at once. Such a crowd needs convincing words and there can be nothing better than the real reviews of people who buy from you.
In fact, more than 70% of consumers check out reviews and ratings before making a final purchase. And 60% of the users out of it prefer purchasing if the site shows admiring product ratings as well as reviews.

Doing this actually offer value to your consumers and also encourage them to make a purchase from your site. Moreover, when you keep on getting fresh reviews on your site, it assist the platform in maintaining fresh content along with improving your chances of earning higher rankings on search engine results.

However, to make this happen it is important that you make it easy for your users to leave comments on your site. And if you wish to make it even more effective, try getting into schemes like coupons, sneak previews and discounts. It encourages your customers to leave true reviews and be a part of your marketing plan.


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