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Stop WhatsApp from Sharing Your Personal Information with Facebook
By: Admin Posted on: May 29, 2013 Category: App Development

According to the latest announcement by WhatsApp, they are making changes to their privacy policy that will see it start sharing information of its users like mobile phone numbers, last seen status, etc with Facebook, WhatsApp owner company, along with other companies that Facebook owns.

There are many who are not happy with the WhatsApp decision of sharing personal information with the associated companies. If you are also not happy with companys decision, then you have two options:

    • You can stop using WhasApp completely and find out some other similar app if you don’t want that your WhatsApp data ends up on the Facebook database.
    • You can also choose partial to opt out WhatApp is offering to its users for a short time period.

There are many who have received a push notification from WhatsApp requesting to agree to the new terms & conditions. If you agree to accept their altered T&C, then you can read the below information to accept it.

The notification says, WhatsApp is updating our Terms and Privacy Policy to reflect new features like WhatsApp calling. Read our Terms and Privacy Policy and learn more about the choices you have. Please agree to the Terms and Privacy policy by 25 September 2016 to continue using WhatsApp. Before you click agree, I would request you to tap to read more and go through all new policies.

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Now you can read all updated terms and privacy policy. Spend your time in reading them if you are really serious about your personal information. You will see a toggle option which mentions- Share my WhatsApp account with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences. Your chats and phone number will not be shared onto Facebook regardless of this setting. This toggle is by default opted on. You can toggle it off if you don’t want your information to be shared freely.

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Once you switched off the toggle, you can restrict Facebook from using all your WhatsApp information. If you wish to check whether your use information button is by default on, you can check it by clicking on the setting and choose Account option. There will be different tabs like Privacy, Security, Change number, etc. You will also notice Share my account info with a tick box. If it is already ticked, then it means you are agreeing for data sharing with other companies. But if you don’t want to share it, then untick this box.

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