5 Search Engine Optimization Tools to Dominant Digital Marketing


To win a game of chess, it’s important that the player accurately predicts the imminent moves of their opponents. The same thing applies to SEO and digital marketing agencies in their field of work. Keeping a track of and analyzing your website’s traffic sources will give you great benefits and opportunities that you otherwise would be unaware of. From engaging high-quality leads and traffic to obtaining better rankings for your website, various SEO tools can dramatically up your entire digital marketing game.

Below outlined is a detailed list of the most popular SEO services that you can employ to enhance your online presence and visibility, generate potential leads, and boost rankings. In a nutshell, these digital marketing services and tools will allow you to unlock new possibilities and help you with a successful SEO journey to establish a lucrative online business.

Top Five SEO Tools are:

1. Google Analytics

It’s a free, indispensable SEO tool and web analytics service. Nowadays, almost every marketer use this effective tool to analyze whether or not their website is accomplishing its purpose. This platform allows you to get actionable, insightful details about your visitors, generate customizable reports, and measure and track your SEO campaigns, ads, and traffic easily. You can track any ad or campaign that is sending traffic to your blog or site. It helps you understand what kind of first impression you are making on your visitors and how online visitors interact with your website and its content. Some reasons why you should use Google Analytics for the success of your digital marketing strategy:

  • This digital marketing service is free to use and relatively easy to setup.
  • You can create customizable reports and define the metrics and dimensions you need.
  • It lets you see the location of your visitors and customer. You can use this information to design a targeted campaign for a particular area.
  • It allows you to collect user data that is useful to understand your potential customer better and why your visitors are bouncing off.
  • You can integrate Google Analytics with other platforms and tools.

No other equivalent delivers accurate data and actionable insights like this service.

2. Moz:

The next digital marketing service that has made it of our human-curated list is Moz. Moz is a provider of an all-inclusive collection of premium search engine optimization tools and inbound marketing services. That includes marketing analytics, link building &analysis, keyword research, content marketing, etc. Some of the best tools offered by Moz are:

  • Keyword Explorer: It is a time-saving, powerful tool that helps to identify competitive keywords and find the most profitable keywords easily.
  • Moz Link Explorer: it’s a backlink analysis and optimization tool that searches for links and analyzes anchor text. It also helps in recognizing link building opportunities and content ideas.
  • Mozbar: It’s a chrome extension and all-in-one SEO tool that allows you to see on-page SEO elements and gives quick insights on different metrics for any page on the web.
  • Moz Local: It’s a listing management tool that allows you to publish, see, and manage location data and business listings.

3. Bing & Google

Google and Bing are two major web search engines and serve as exceptionally valuable SEO tools. Considering their importance in rankings and traffic, there’s no reason for not incorporating them into your digital marketing strategy. By using their advertising services, you can attract new customers, hyper-target your prospectives with local targeting, and drive website traffic, leads, and conversions faster.

4. Screaming Frog

This open-source and effective website crawler tool that gives you complete control over your crawl and helps to audit onsite and technical SEO without any hassle. When it comes to handling complex sites and forest of data, this tool can instantly find all the server errors and broken links, analyze titles and metadata, and discover all the plagiarized content. It can help you generate XML Sitemaps and identify and fix various crawling and technical SEO challenges.

5. Google Keyword Planner

If you believe in working fast and smart, then keep this SEO tool and digital marketing service at your disposal. Google keyword planner is free and arguably one of the most popular and widely used tools, which help you to discover new and best keywords for your ads and PPC campaigns. It allows you to gain valuable information about what people are searching for on the internet. By using Google Keyword Planner tool, you can:

  • Analyze and search for keywords with their search volume and competition;
  • Find your competitors’ keywords;
  • Discover and target local keywords easily;
  • Setup AdWords campaigns and ads faster, and;
  • Create a silo structure and categories for the site.