Top Logo Design Trends In 2017

Despite of the fact that designing trends keep on changing every year, but the beliefs of marketing specialists behind logo designing will never change. The idea behind the logo designing will remain the same, i.e. creating a long lasting impression on customers. It should be simple, yet still resonates the brand story clearly to the customers. It cannot be denied that design is volatile; therefore, it should integrate new styles and trends to dominate in the industry in many more years to come.


Designing a logo that meets the expectations as well as goes perfectly with latest trend is no easy task. Given below are some logo design trends that are expected to dominate in 2017.


Minimalism: Simplest designs with clear forms, minimal colors and no unnecessary details are the logos that big brands prefer. Such a logo can be used across multiple platforms and that too in an effective way. Such logos are both practical and purpose-driven, which means tell your customers what exactly you do with complete clarity. There are many such companies that have recreated their logos just to remove excessive and over highlighting elements.

Handmade/Hand drawn Logos: These were the most popular logos in 2016 and are expected to create ground in 2017. Handmade logos are timeless and you can create numerous creative logos using this technique. These logos bring warmth, integrity and magnetism into your brand bringing it closer to your customers. Designers are free to express themselves and show their creativity in the form of a logo with 100% uniqueness and wide brand acknowledgment.


Negative Space: These logos spring up recently and not getting so much attention from brands as these are based around positive and negative imaginary dual spaces that grab viewer’s attention. There are a very few brands that have unlocked the potential of negative space logos. This is a kind of logo that has the potential make your stand out and meets several eyes.


Line Art: It gained its fame in 2015 and it successfully sustained its position in the industry. These logos are created using a steady thickness of line of a single color, which is used to perform line art to attain a well-balanced combination or text and image. Creative designers also find out ways to integrate line art in negative spacing, giving an elegant logo as an outcome.

Vintage: Vintage logo adds sophistication and class to your brand. These logos have lots of memories and emotions attached with them and people often like them. Vintage logo expresses a sense of credibility and connectivity with the brand. The vintage logo can often wildly represent a brand as being obsolete or “stuck in the past”. This is something you must think about carefully when designing a company logo.



Simple/Flat Designs: There are many brands who love cleanliness and which can be witnessed through their logos. No fancy textures, images and gradients. Simple/Flat logos have simple and streamlined designs.


Gradients: Giving volume and catchiness to the logos, designers use combination of vibrant and daring colors to the logos. This is how gradient logos were used to be described one year back, but now its definition has changed and now muted hues and material designs are used to create such logos. Best example of Gradient logo is Apple.


Text Logos: Playing around with fonts, choosing different font styles, increasing and decreasing font size and choosing more than one combination of fonts can bring up some unique logos. There are many big brands like Coca Cola, Nestle, Dell and many more that have text logos.


These are some of the logo design predictions that have been made by designing experts for this year after considering the trends followed in 2016. There may be many more trends that you may see ruling this year as designers are always packed with fresh and innovative ideas. There may be new logo design trend that you might come across in 2017.


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