Top Most Skills Required to Become a Successful Content Writer

Writing is definitely a dream job, but not for everyone. There are some writers hired to write descriptions of products for magazines and catalogs, and some prove to be J.K Rowling. Sadly, most writers have a better opportunity of writing product descriptions than becoming the best selling authors.

So the question is how to create perfect content for your website?

Since successful content writers appear to have a desirable life, they prefer working from home, design their own schedules and work more or less as they please. Majority of the crowd have had hard times in making a living out of it. They literally lack the skills which are important to succeed. So, if in any case, you wish to become successful as a content writer, there is a need to have a complete toolkit of the marketable skills.

  • Successful Content Writers should master Various Writing Styles

The reason behind is every type of writing has its own way and style. The news is delivered in short and informational paragraphs with the crisp of the story at the top. Blogging is something personable, opinionated, and friendly. Ad copy is almost short and persuasive. Then white papers are long, describing a problem and then offering the solution, but no matter what, each and every category relates to content and every style writers make them more in demand and valuable at the same time. Therefore, if you intend to be a freelance ghostwriter or content writer for a particular company, it is imperative that you are familiar with the type of writing they prefer and can fulfill their content requirements.

  • Successful Content Writers do not take on Random Subjects

Ideation is one of the marketing industry buzzwords describing the creative process of looking out for a subject, angle, and title to write about. And the ideation starts with analytics. Most of the ideation is done in a team, but there are freelance writers who are on their own usually. This is the reason why it is helpful to know the way professional marketing teams generate ideas. But before doing that, successful content writers definitely need to:

  1. Perform the Keyword Research- Buzzsumo displayed that content writing is a better keyword if compared to the content writer which actually lead to the change in title. The website also exposed that writing how-to posts are one of the most popular things. Here is an instance of that: A post by Neil Patel on “How to come up with the Topic ideas” was shared around 16000 times, which is certainly a big number.
  2. Know Your Audience – Marketers somewhat call it making a “buyer persona”. If you know who your audience is, you can write what they actually want to read. You simply write to your audience and not for yourself, neither for your company nor for your brand.
  3. Look for the Competition – It is important that you check what another content writer’s up to are. It is always a competitive content audit that offers you a lot of information. Not just this, what your competitors are sharing, which audience is supporting their content, who is sharing it, tweeting on it, blogging about it and posting it on other platforms.
  4. Write a Hooking Title – Once you have the competitor, keyword and reader knowledge, it is important that you take your time, choose your project and design a title that will interest your readers. The title actually compels your people to read or quit. The most important words in your post are the title and the meta-description in fact.
  • Successful Content Writers are Creative and Unique

It is your reputation undoubtedly. Every post with your name on it needs to be original. This may sound crazy, with all the thousands of people writing about the same subjects, but is definitely easier than it seems to be. Every talented writer can bring on an exclusive voice, different perspective or some new reflection to an overworked subject.

Plagiarized content is really bad for SEO, not good for employers and even worse for you. Safeguard your reputation as well as your career by taking on these precautions. Before you submit your work, it is important that you use an online program and check for plagiarism. With all such content out there, it is really easy to duplicate writing accidentally.

  • Successful Content Writers know HTML, SEO, WordPress, and CSS

There is no need to panic. You just need a few basics for that. WordPress themes have different levels of automatic functions, and sometimes the only paths to make your text look the way you want it to dig into the HTML/text tab and manipulate the code in order to make a title tag or fix a spacing issue. It is actually worth your time to learn all the basics of it.

Updated SEO knowledge is critical. Search engine algorithms alter regularly, and writers have to keep pace with. In all this, one thing remains steady. Quality work is always in demand. If in any case, you can write in-depth content from a different perspective, you would be in demand.

  • Successful Content Writers are Social Media Experts

Recognition of your name is really important. Social media put everything you need within your reach. It is important that you build your audience, meet your publishers and talk to the industry professionals. When your writing is published, the fun begins there. The more you will be active on social media, more likely your followers will be to suggest your content. Successful content writers are public, active and friendly.

So, before everything, it is important you think about writing “success”. It stops being about the words on paper the moment content is added to a writer. Content writers are the marketing experts, on-page coders, SEO specialists, and social media butterflies. With the perfect skill set, you would definitely succeed and find that your job is the best job in the entire world.

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