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Top Reasons why your Website is not bringing any Customers
By: Admin Posted on: July 12, 2018 Category: Business

They asked you to build a website, and you did it. They told you that you’ll have customers if you will have a website, but somehow that hasn’t happened.

I’ve been a part of building and marketing a lot of websites for years, but I think it is easy to get in a bubble. So I turned to some experts at web design, copywriting, SEO, marketing, and usability in order to get their explanations on why some websites succeed while others do not.

The advice creates a very clear plan for anyone looking forward to launching a website or improves already existing pages.

  • Solve the Issues

Most of the websites speak about how best they are, and there will be hardly any talking about what problem they solve. Do you want to have better strategies and skills for business? Well, we are here to help you in this regard. That’s a challenge. Simply make your buyer the real hero.

  • Pay attention to the results and not Just Features

Question is who takes care of the popular design blog. Rather than telling your budding customers, the advantages that your service or product will do for them. A very classic instance of this is a drill. Customers simply do not want any drill, they want a complete hole in the wall. So it is better if you focus on the quality of the holes and how easy it is to create those holes and not the actual drill itself.

  • Be attentive about your Customers and not Yourself

Your website may not be bringing in any customers because it is simply focused on your and not your customers of course. Everybody says that you need to choose a guide in order to create ridiculously good content. However rather than paying attention to what you do or what products you sell or talking about why you are best in the market talk about how do you solve their problems, ease their pain and make their lives better, smarter or richer. That needs to be your story.

  • Build up your Brand

People nowadays are more likely to invest in your if your products have got the quality matching or surpassing the brand identity. Recent generation takes interest in brand identities, logos and more. In simple words: build up a reputation for your products, services, and company which may be bigger than any other thing. That kind of reputation will certainly pull you towards the real greatness.

  • Know your Customers before they get to know about you

People do not buy stuff or even click on things randomly. They just favor the brands that they love and know well. Repeat visitors have around two or three times more clicks through rates than novice visitors. So you need to figure out the ways to get in your target market before they decide that they need to buy your services or the products.

  • Let People know you and Trust You

Your homepage covers the key part. Homepage is your real cover. If you are directly trying to sell off your services or the products on this page, it won’t work. It is important that you first make them like you and trust you. You can do all this by having a perfect “About Me” page. This will make them follow you on social media through getting them to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Insist on them to Come Back

Your website is not bringing in any customers if you have not given them any reason to come back to you. If you update your company’ blog once in a month and it has got the employee updates only, why would any customer step in your website again? You convert leads into the customers simply by earning educating and earning their trust on why they need any kind of services. Pay attention to producing the content on your website that engages and educates your potential consumers. This will, however, keep them coming back to your platform.

  • Fetch the Right Crowd

If it’s the wrong people hitting your website, it is all for nothing. For example: if you sell the surfboards and your traffic is not at all relevant, you will hardly see any conversions in this. It may not pay you off.

  • Turn Conversion friendly

If you really want to turn your visitors into customers, there are a few tactics you need to adopt.

  1. Make out if there is enough space for your design to breathe, it should not be clumsy
  2. Is your content call to action strategic
  3. If your call to action button match well against the background
  4. If testimonials are important
  • Improve the User Experience

The biggest challenges that websites experience today are when they try to bring in and retain their consumers.

With this, it is important that you take a route of your website thoroughly and that too from your visitor’s perspective.