Top SEO Tips for New Websites

In case you have just come up with a new website, it is certainly going to take some time to actually get established on the internet and start attracting visitors. Measuring event data on your new website will help you to understand what you need to improve on, but what is the purpose of event data? Essentially, it helps you to calculate traffic passing through your site by recording clicks and time spent on each page. If these numbers are looking low and don’t seem to be climbing at all, there are a few things that actually help you speed up the process, help get better search engine rankings and a lot more traffic sooner. So here are some perfect SEO tips to help you choose with new websites in mind.

Target low competition keywords initially

When you launch your site, initially it may have very low authority on Google and with this, it means that it will rank less than reputable keywords for high competition keywords. In between this, there is hardly anything to stop you from targeting those keywords. So, as a result, the quickest method to generate new traffic to your platform is to target the keywords that are less competitive.

Now the question arises how to check how competitive your keyword is? Well, this is easy to make out while using Google’s keyword planner. This will let you know if the competition for a specific term is high, average or low. Finding keywords that are less competitive offer you a perfect chance of ranking for them and getting the desired traffic. If you just target the highly competitive keywords, you may not rank in any case and thus get no traffic in the early days. This is a perfect technique to use while your site itself builds authority.

Involve your Main Keywords in the Title Tag of Page

Meta information and title tags are brought in use by the search engines to settle on the subject matter of each page or the post of your website. And there is no denial to this that it is merely crucial, so when you create your new website, the search engine will refer your page having the relevant content. There is a certain link between the title tag, meta-tag keywords, and the search engine rankings. Hence make the most of this technique in order to ensure that you include your keyword in the title and meta tags of the page. For example, if you own a finance website, and the article is about financial tips during the pandemic, make sure your title has tags like “pandemic” or “hardship” in it.

Ensure that your Title is not cut off

Space is very important in the search engine results and when it is about titles, only first 7o characters are displayed sometimes even less for mobile phones. While it is important for you to know that the basic length for meta-descriptions is about 100 characters.

Now, these meta-descriptions and titles get cut off when they are too long. Only first 70 characters get visible and even less sometimes for the mobile phones. So the length of meta-descriptions basically is about 100 characters. And in case your titles and meta-tags cut off, this leaves a very bad impression on the users. They may skip your platform even before reaching out to you. So here you need to ensure that you remain within the limits and if feasible try keeping your keywords in the very beginning. That’s the perfect way of remaining visible.

Optimize your Images well

Image optimization is an essential part of online business. There are a lot of people who search for products while doing an image search. And if they see something they are actually looking for, they are sure to visit the site directly from the Google’s image results. Should you need some help with image editing to make sure that they appear exactly how you want them to on all devices, you could talk to an expert such as SERP Co ( to ensure you get it right first time!

Don’t include things in the way of your content

If you see the users visiting your site, they expect to see the content on your platform, the moment they step on it. To ensure that this happens, don’t insist them to scroll half way down the page before actually seeing the title. Here you need to make sure that you do not welcome them with the ads and pop-ups. With this, they may get irritated and leave your site as soon as they step in. So, in order to keep visitors on your site and make them rank well, give them what they actually look forward to seeing as soon as they land there.

Try Keeping your Website Fresh

Search engines like to promote websites that are continuously updated with refreshing and new content. If you have just a newly built website there won’t be anything that needs to be updated right away, but it can be a great help, from the SEO perspective to add new content to it, on a regular basis.

The best method to do this is, adding a weekly or bi-weekly blog post on the website. As soon as you start developing a blog, better it becomes for ranking. And here you need to remember that your blog post can be used to send people to your products further.


If you have recently set up a new website, these above-mentioned tips will surely have a big role to help your site start ranking on top in the search engine results and see how to get researchers to click through to your site.

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