Top Technologies Used to Develop a Mobile Application


In the digital era, there is no speed breaker on the internet to control the growing popularity of mobile apps. According to the research of Business of Apps, there are around 1.85 million different apps available to download. Similarly, Android users have a choice to download nearly 2.56 million applications through the Google Play Store.

Are you planning to develop a customized mobile application? Here are the top technologies that you can select for the development of your mobile application. Just make sure investing in the best technology is extremely important because it allows your business to be better. Also, it helps you promote your products and services, attract your targeted audience, and ensures to generate more money with the successful mobile app.

Let’s dive Into the reading of top mobile app development technologies/frameworks in 2022.

6 Mobile App Development Technologies for Startups

1. Java

Java is one of the third-most sought-after programming languages for global hiring managers. It has also become popular now to develop applications because Java provides good cross-platform compatibility support, which means it has the ability to allow the software application or device to work with more than one operating system or hardware platform.

As discussed above, Java is a great programming language, and it is also known as a high-level programming language. With Java, you can benefit from its open-source libraries and reduce the time needed for the development of mobile applications.

Speed is one of the biggest factors that you can count on to launch the application faster. In comparison to other languages, like Python, java is 25x faster, and it is easy to read, write, and maintain.

Thus, if you are planning to get java development services or Android application development services, you can consider Java as your top mobile app development technology because it gives you portable, secure, and scalable framework experience for the implementation of software products, enterprise apps, and SaaS solutions. Plus, the language makes it easy for your company to perform different tasks as per your business requirement.

2. Flutter

Flutter is another one of the best technologies to develop apps for both Android and iOS. With Flutter, you can get one codebase for all platforms, and with this same codebase, you can create web applications for browsers and native programs from Linux, Windows to macOS. You can understand this feature as code reusability to minimize the development time and cost.

Some of the most well-known eCommerce service providers such as Alibaba Group, eBay, Groupon, and Google use Flutter for various modules of the Google Assistant and other mobile/web apps because this technology helps achieve a uniform look and ensures to launch the app faster.

Therefore, if you want to create a high-quality app and need a cross-platform native interface, you can choose flutter app development services for iOS and Android platforms and customize anything in the application according to your unique business requirements.

3. Python

Python is an easy-to-use, fast, easy-to-deploy, and widely accepted programming language. Some noteworthy apps like Instagram, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, Pinterest are based in Python because this technology helps develop scalable web applications and provides excellent library support.

Apart from that, the language is the most advanced programming language for creating mobile applications and mobile games because it has an excellent capability for graphics and animations. Similarly, it allows the developers to improve images with the help of GPU acceleration and gives them multi-platform support to build the latest mobile phone games for Android and iOS.

Accordingly, if you are looking for the leading technology, you can think about Python for mobile apps development because it gives an easy coding learning experience and lets your team create new code quickly. Moreover, the language supports big data and integrates with other programming languages.

4. React Native

An open-source framework, React Native, is developed by Facebook to create native mobile applications using JavaScript. With its declarative programming paradigm, it is effortless to combine the best elements of native development. As a developer, you can build cross-platform apps in order to attain the look and feel.

Remember that the user interface plays a critical role in the success of a mobile app because it helps in fulfilling user expectations and turning your potential visitors into buyers.

With React, you can get the best-in-class JavaScript library for creating an appealing UI design for your mobile app and easy to support your site’s overall functionality. Some of the apps built using React Native are Myntra, AirBnB, Facebook, Ubereats, Instagram, Ads Manager, and more.

5. R Programming

R Programming is the latest cutting-edge tool. This open-source programming language also appears in the hottest trend among data miners and statisticians to analyze and develop statistical software.

If you are searching for developers to get machine learning application development services, statistical software, and other software development options, R can become the right choice for your business.

The reason to choose R programming as one of the top technologies is a platform-independence, in-built libraries, and frameworks that make the machine-learning algorithms powerful. The language is leveraged for general statistical computing and graphics. It is even a worldwide-used programming language for banking, finance, manufacturing, and medicine industries. Furthermore, R is a great choice for risk analytics and portfolio management.

6. Kotlin

Kotlin brings happiness to developers’ life because it is a modern programming language and is famous for the advanced version of Java. Applications that are written in Kotlin are Evernote, Pinterest, Coursera, Trello, and many more. Likewise, the language has influenced some other coding languages as well—for example, Groovy, Gosu, Scala, and Java.

When thinking of developing an Android application, always keep Kotlin above Java because it can fix errors that may occur while using the Java programming language.

You may know that Google also uses Kotlin as the official language for building a wide variety of Android applications because it helps write clear and clean code and ensures better consistency and safety for your app development.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have mentioned some of the highly-accepted technologies to develop a mobile app. However, every business has its unique requirements and has some specific targets in terms of budget and timeline. At this point, choosing the random technology for your mobile application development can become a risk factor, especially if you don’t know the right platform for your small business.

Yet, you don’t need to worry because experts at Impinge Solutions are available 24/7 to focus on your business application strategy, and we can help you create the most profitable mobile application to manage your daily operations.

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