Major Trends to Consider When Developing a Mobile Application

The mobile app development areas have shown some amazing innovations in the past few years. Right from the top-notch technologies like M-Commerce, Beacon, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing to the expert gadgets like Google Glass, Apple Watch and other wearables, the mobile world still experience evolutions every now and then.

Nowadays, the smart device is an indispensable tool that assists in performing almost all day to day activities. This has definitely lead to a severe competition in the mobile world, mainly in the application marketplace. Every mobile developer has deep knowledge about the current and best mobile app development trends.

In order to help you in staying ahead of the picture, here are some particular development trends that may help you in increasing your success with the application.

  • Mobile Application Security

Security of applications is one of the primary challenges for the developers which cannot be overlooked in any case. It is crucial that mobile application security testing is put in place to ensure these mobile applications are safe for people/businesses to use. In the last few years, we have come across many apps that came up with a major security breach. In the year 2015, a very huge amount of data was put at risk by the cyber attacks. As a matter of fact, it has also been anticipated that just a quarter of mobile applications will pass the basic security test.

The app security risk can be literally provoked by a lot many factors which include regularly increasing the number of mobile devices, the arrival and constant popularity of the mobile wallets as well as IOT, and practicing BYOD in enterprises, to name just a few of them.

  • Adding to Beacon and Other Location-Based Services

The Beacon technology has literally gained pretty much momentum. This technology has enabled websites and apps to grab user’s location and accordingly share messages as well as personalized ads to attract and interact with the potential consumers. Today, not just beacons, many other location-based Wi-Fi services are becoming a trend among the users and enterprises. It is also expected that it will help in driving billions of dollars in retail by the year 2016.

  • Rising Digital Mobile Payment

Anyone cannot ignore the never-ending growth in the count of digital mobile payment providers. Apple Pay and Google Wallet already exist in the market. These are actually the services that have evolved mobile payments that are already popular and may become even more popular in the coming years. To elaborate: Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and other mobile payment actions are literally expected to be exposed this year. This is a trend that apparently epitomizes the growth of simple and safe mobile payments, and this is definitely expected to rise up in the near future.

  • IOT and Wearables

Wearables have now defined some new dimension to the mobile technology. With advancing craze of wearables, it is expected to see more and more fitness tracking apps in the wearable like Apple watch rather than a device-specific fitness tracker. However, fitness applications are only an instance: these are actually the myriads of different applications like productivity applications and more. The textile and fashion industries are also looking for the techniques to experience the benefits of wearable technology while integrating it into their products.

Coming to the IOT (Internet of Things), it has already set some new paradigm for the best mobile app development which will certainly take it a notch higher. There are different stats that reflect IOT will play a key role in the upcoming years.

  • We will have billions of people connected and things by the year 2020.
  • IOT and their product supplier will bring on a hefty revenue.
  • More than 30% of the growth in global IoT market is expected by the year 2019.

While considering all these points, more advanced mobile applications can be developed and allow its users to access the apps from different systems. There are many enterprises that have already integrated IOT and it is also stated that they will pay more attention to the private cloud networks as well as sensor systems in the future, instead of binding to just wearables and the mobile devices.

  • Get Into Cloud Computing

The incorporation of the mobile application trends with the help of cloud servers can prove to be a wise option for those B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses that use comprehensive commerce solutions, such as SAP CCV2 and the like. Cloud computing can actually offer a lot of features like scalability, reliability, powerful processing capability, better data storage and more. This may also offer prolific development platforms which may benefit developers and also augment while reviving the development process and permitting an easier implementation of the cloud technology in applications. We have many cloud-driven applications like Dropbox, Google drive etc. and many more expected beyond them.

  • Enterprise Applications

Among different app categories, an enterprise application is the one favored by the developers for their financial benefits. Today, a very good number of developers across the world are developing enterprise applications and more than 40 percent of them are generating a considerable profit.

Furthermore, it has been seen that opportunities for the app developers to work for an enterprise are really multiplying and may continue in the very same way. This is because a lot of enterprises are considering mobile platforms to leverage their products and services or boost up their productivity, eventually bringing benefits to their business by targeting huge mobile users. Therefore, enterprises will certainly evolve and give away a great deal of business to the developers.

Wrapping Statement

There are a lot of mobile application development trends that are actually fading and emerging. If you wish to stay at top of the curve and make sure you are a successful development business, it is suggested to keep pace with the ongoing mobile application development trends.

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