Video Content Marketing in 2020: Benefits of Adding Closed Captions to Videos

Videos are an essential part of every digital marketing strategy and are ruling the content marketing world. Long gone are those days when videos were just one small piece of the online marketing puzzle. For every brand, nowadays, video is the most powerful and effective business weapon readily available in their arsenal, and it’s consistently helping them improve their social outreach and promotional campaign efforts. Making an entertaining music video is important for marketing nowadays so it can catch the viewer’s eye and intrigue them as to what is being sold. That is why creators will Check out royalty free production music that they can play in the background, helping them promote their videos without the extra expense of paying for rights which may not factor into their video marketing budget at that moment in time.

While beautiful, high-quality content successfully informs and inspires the viewer to pay closer attention to your brand and take action, one consideration that often goes unsatisfied and unobserved is accessibility. Whether you are chasing proliferated exposure for your brand or advertising dollars invested in the video content marketing strategy, video accessibility is one of the most critical aspects that should be at the forefront of your mind. So when you’re working with a Video Production Cardiff company, make sure you create an eye-catching video! This sole factor goes above and beyond all other complex issues that can impact the next deep wave of business growth and the success of your video project.

The ultimate resourceful hack for brands is to unleash the power of “Automatic Transcriptions and Closed Captions” that will help them in their quest to boost their audience usage, viewing rate, and followers. There’s no denying that closed captions, open captions, or subtitles are a must-have feature for foreign-language shows and movies. However, more and more businesses have now started adding the rich, visual text elements into their videos, based on the desired level of exposure and their target audience. Not to mention, even the latest Android OS version “Q Beta 5” is offering live caption feature that adds real-time subtitles to any video.

Here are the top four reasons why brand marketers and businesses should shift their focus toward video content marketing and add captions to their videos in 2020.

Benefit #1: Closed Captions Boost SEO

We are all acquainted with the fact that search bots can’t crawl a video, but they index text uploaded with the video. It could be a title name, description, tags, or other details. According to a study conducted by Discovery Digital Networks, YouTube videos with live/closed captions or subtitles are more likely to increase views and rank higher, quicker in the result pages of search engines. The analysis depicted in the study also reveals the lifetime benefit of adding closed captioning and video transcription to be above 7 percent more views on YouTube than videos without any captions.

Since Google prioritizes informative videos with CC that are useful to searchers and shows such content at the top of its rankings, there’s no guesswork that every marketer must substantiate their videos with an accurate transcript of the audio and captions.

Benefit #2: Closed Captions: Improving “Accessibility for All”

Compared to the traditional content that people encounter every day, from a status to blog post, an amalgam of text and video together at multiple granularities severs another arguably more critical purpose, which’s accessibility. When creating video content for promotional campaigns and marketing events, you should focus on actively implementing the best practices to attain the goal of full accessibility for all consumers.

Beyond the obvious, closed captions are usually the most cost-effective and quick approach to increase accessibility, improve your search engine optimization, and engage a wide range of viewers, regardless of their geographic location and device used. Besides that, they are valuable resources when it comes to deliver an amazing, equivalent viewing experience and improve literacy for viewers who are deaf or with hearing problems or aren’t a native speaker of English (or another language).

Video Closed Captions

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That’s why it’s essential that digital marketers create captions in multiple languages and several formats for all of their audiovisual content online. Below outlined are some benefits of uploading legible, time-synchronized closed captions to a video:

  • Boosting your target audience
  • Encouraging better engagement
  • Winning more views
  • Providing unrestricted access for deaf or hard of hearing viewers
  • Improving learning style and study habits in students

In a nutshell, closed captions and subtitles are not just critical from the accessibility viewpoint; they also enormously improve searchability, outreach, engagement, and SEO efforts.

Benefit #3: Ideal for Sound-Sensitive Environments

In recent years, noise control and reduction have become a substantial factor in the design of not only electronics, aircraft, and other industry products but digital marketing services as well. With a continuous proliferation of smart devices, accessing and watching video content on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels have become relatively straightforward.

However, not all environments are functionally alike or share the identical characteristics that empower the user to enjoy the audio content playing on their gadget anywhere, anytime. Closed captions act as a pillar for your overall video product and not just for viewers with hearing disabilities. Offering captions into your videos will let people appreciate and understand your content even in the settings where audio clarity, quality, and control is flawed. For instance: in the crowd, on a noisy train or bus, at the workplace, in a quiet library, or somewhere else.

With closed captions, while your potential viewer or non-English speaking consumers can effectively focus on the creative work you’ve created, you can successfully expand your viewership to a shedload of internet users, earn thousands and thousands of more views, and rank higher in SERPs.

Benefits #4: Improved Average Watch Time & User Experience

User engagement and user experience are at the crux of both search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). Transcriptions help you improve the universal design, increase video engagement, and also double the rates of video viewability and ad completion. Clear, accurate captions or subtitles keep people on your channel longer and offer an uninterrupted, remarkable experience, thereby improving the average view time for your videos. So if you want your video to be increasingly monetized and encourage your viewers to stick around longer, add captions.

These four reasons, along with several more, are why closed captions need to be implemented in your video content marketing plan. From learning new languages to repurposing your content, the closed caption is a great, interactive way to build your brand value and make your content more discoverable, accessible, and engaging.

If you are looking for a professional SEO & digital marketing company that can help you transcribe the video footage, reach the broadest audience, and also gets new followers.