What To Expect At Apple’s Annual Fall Media Event 2016?

Today is “a red-letter day” for techies as Apple will finally let the cat out of its bag. Your wait will be over soon as Apple will announce its next-generation smartphone in its fall media event in San Francisco. The company will unveil the new iPhone, a new version of the Apple Watch and software updates for different Apple products. The device, likely called the iPhone 7, will be the main attraction and star product of the event.

Rumors say that the company will finally stamp out the headphone jack from the device that seems more like a cock and bull story, which is undoubtedly hard to believe. Apple is rumored to embrace their new iPhone with wireless headphones. A hodgepodge reaction has been noticed among Apple fans as some have given the nod to no headphone jack feature while others are not at all happy as they will need to get compatible headphones or an adapter to connect their existing earbuds to the new iPhone.

Let’s have a closer look at what to expect from Apple event and what not

iPhone Release

The main highlight of every Apple’s event is the latest version of devices along with its best-selling hardware. Design improvements and new incremental features, these are key to the company’s business. Two new iPhone said to be known as iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus. It is expected that there will be no major crazy attempts by the company this time, but the most shocking rumor which has already created chaos among potential customers is dropping headphone jack from the iPhone 7 Plus. Instead, there will be wireless headphones or adaptor to connect headphones.

Apart from this, there will be many positive improvements expected in the Apple devices like improved camera quality for the iPhone version. Experts are on tenterhooks as there will be an extra camera in Plus model (as per rumors) for higher quality images in low light. Moreover, there will be no more 16GB versions in the new devices and the entry level devices of iPhone will have 32GB storage capacity. There is good news for swimmers and klutzes as the new iPhone is expected to be fully waterproof, or in any case water-resistant.

OS Release

Apart from iPhone, Apple will also release the next versions of their operating systems. Those who are having trouble using Apple products with the updated operating systems can enroll in Apple product training courses to master the use of their gadgets. The most expected software update is iOS 10 for iPhone and iPads. The company is also updating the messenger with more stickers and disappearing messages features. Third-party integration for Siri, facial recognition in the Photos app, and automatic movie creation feature are some other updates likely to be seen in the new announcement.

These series of announcements will be made on September 7, 2016, 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET. So, what is going to happen in the event and which rumor is actually correct; stay tuned for the next article to get answers to all your queries.

Check out here for iPhone 7 Media Event Video

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