Why An Ecommerce Store Needs A Blog?

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Many eCommerce store owners have a false impression that they have an Ecommerce website and that’s why they don’t need to have a blog. They are just concerned with the traffic, but they don’t know that blogging makes a major contribution in generating website traffic. Everyone understands that traffic is important, but surprisingly very few businesses are able to grasp the fact that a blog is also an important part of any business.


If you really wish to see your brand growing, then adding a blog to your business is a good decision. The results obtained through paid advertising are not so impactful that consumers are keen to respond. In fact, choosing not to perform blogging could prove disadvantageous to your business and may even stunt its growth. There are many more reasons why you need to create your eCommerce site blog. Let’s understand them in detail:


  • Make Blog Your Business Voice: By blogging regularly, you can give voice to your store. You can share details related to the products you are selling (apart from promotional stuff), you can tell them how your products can prove useful, how they are used, their ingredients/components and other related information. It will help your customers to feel connected with your store. Blogging can be the true voice of your store in the textual form.


  • Increase Your Consumer Base with Blogging: People will not be instantly inspired to start buying products from your eCommerce store. You need to build up that trust so that more and more people start following you, like your post, interact with your, etc.


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  • Blog Increases Search Engine Traffic: With blogging, there is significant growth in traffic has been witnessed. There no back linking or other SEO tricks required to perform. When you are actively posting on your website blog, Google will notice that your website is active, updated frequently and real. Moreover, you will be found in the search results through the keywords and phrases that you use in your content.

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  • Blog Attracts More Customers: Blogging is one such pathway that will open the doors for new leads that otherwise might not exist. You would be able to interact with the customers, understand their concerns, styles, preferences, habits, trends, etc. this would definitely help you discover new insights that you might be missing. You can communicate with your client base and share useful content to attract their attention and convert them into leads.

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  • Blogging Helps You Address Problems: If you create a store blog, then it will help you communicate directly with your customers. They can share their queries and problems, and you can easily address them and solve them nicely. Blogs act as a communication channel between you and your customers just like social channels. It will help you bring your business closer to your potential customers.


  • Blog Content Improves Your Website Ranking: Including suitable phrases and keywords in the content will help search engines crawl and respond to your blog. This will definitely make your website stand out among the competition.

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  • Increases Sharability: When you will have your company blog, then you will have something to share for yourself and also for others. When it comes to benefit, Google also considers sharing and give value during search results. You can also share your postings on social channels and people who would like your blog posts can share them on their social channels. This will increase your popularity on social channels as well.

     social channel for social traffic


If you are all geared up to start your eCommerce blog after reading all its benefits, then we have some blog topic suggestions for you. Coming up with topic ideas for eCommerce blog at the beginning is the hardest part. Here are some topic ideas that you can use to get you up and running.


  1. Research and discuss some hidden secrets of your industry.


  1. Highlight some of the best features of your store and let people know why they should choose you.


  1. Write up your story of the origin and how your eCommerce business got its start.


  1. Developments in the Industry.


  1. Offer advice on using industry related products and tools that might prove helpful for customers.


Apart from marketing, there are many other benefits that you gain through your eCommerce blog, there are other great reasons to create one for your business. Don’t miss out!!!

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