7 Impromptu Updates To Google My Business In 2017

Every time when Google update its algorithms or make changes in any of its procedure, it creates problems for many businesses that are flourishing especially through marketing kludge. Search engine rankings are hit badly, some of the websites are even blacklisted while a very few experience positive results as their business website start ranking on the top results.  Most of the times, these changes made by the Google are announced while some slip unnoticed. Given below is a list of some changes that slip by unnoticed and had a great impact on those who work in Local SEO.


1. No More Permanently Closed Listing On Local Finder

Earlier, Google used to show “permanently closed” listings ranking in the Local Finder. Such listings used to show up at the end of the list after those that are open ones. Moreover, those who updated a ranking listing, making it appear permanently closed; it would slip down to the end of list below other permanently closed listings. But recently, these “permanently closed” listing can no more be seen in local finder. Google has presently removed them from the ranking results as it is thought that these listings can prove problematic for SEO in certain situations.


2. Removes The Ability To Access The Classic Version Of Google Plus

The new version of Google plus was introduced in 2015, but the old version was kept accessible and it was the version that Google cached in their search results. But now, old Google plus version is not accessible and it matters a lot for local SEOs. The older version has all the business details like company name, address, contact details, but in a new Google Plus version, no such information is available. Earlier, many marketing strategists used to use site:plus.google.com search to find out duplicate listings, but now it is not possible as this function no longer works. The cached version of Google Plus has no contact details, no address, and no reviews.


3. Review Edits To Business Listings On Google Maps On Desktop With A Special Platform

After the shutdown of “Map Maker”, people think that it is no longer possible to review edits to business listings. But you can still review the edits on Google Map app. Moreover, Google also launched ‘Check the Facts’ feature that is a simplified version of editing, just like Map Maker, but it does allow users to deny or approve edits to the business listing. When it was installed, initially it was only available to local guides who were a Level 5, but after a few weeks, it rolled out to all Local guides levels.


4. No More Pending Listings Are Showing Up On The Google Maps App

Earlier, spammers used to attack legit business listings by reporting them as spam so that listing show pending status. Spammers did this with several big brands including Trump Towers. Google took this issue seriously and removed pending edits for listings’ status. Now, if someone reports your listing as spam, then you don’t need to worry until the edit actually publishes.


5. Google Rolls Out The Snack Pack To More Industries In The USA

“Snack Pack” means the local layout that misses the links to the business website or sometimes driving directions. Instead of getting useful buttons, you get to see an image.  This is the new change that Google have made to the local business listings. Google believes that those who search on Google would love to see the related business images instead of a website or directions as these images would tell users more about the company potential, which could lead to hiring.


6. Access 18 Months Of Data From Insights Inside Google My Business Dashboard

A month back, Google added bulk insights to My Business dashboard, which initially appeared unimpressive, but later its usefulness was understood. It allows you to select a custom date range for data and don’t let you stuck looking at one-week, one-month, or one-quarter intervals! It proves beneficial for agencies who aboard new clients and wish to see their stats before they start working and improving things.


7. Local Pack Ads Are Now On Mobile

Ads have started showing up everywhere on mobile a couple of months ago. This shows that Google has actively started supporting ads on mobile devices. The list of changes is not short. Most of them are clearly visible and businesses are also aware of them. The changes we have mentioned related to Google Local Business Listings are the ones that have received a very little coverage that you might have missed.

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