7 Underutilised yet Effective Tactics of Link Building

Over the years it has got extremely difficult to achieve the top ranking in Google and retain them for the long term. Among other things, this is mainly because of the regular adjustment of Google’s algorithms. However, there are lots and lots of methods to get links for your business. And the right tactics greatly depend on the resources available in your industry. Industries that are very competitive and established often require you to be aggressive with link building and there’s no doubt in stating that earning those links is quite difficult. And on the other hand, there are companies that are advancing quickly and are definitely full of opportunities to engage with your bloggers or to build up a community. Keeping that in mind, this article reveals a few link building strategies that can be applied to the most of websites for operating results. But before that, it is important for you to be clear with the concept of link building.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the method of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your very own website. A hyperlink, usually called a link is actually a way for the users to navigate between the internet and pages. Search engines make use of these links for web crawling. With this there are so many techniques for building links. With so much of variety, all of them vary in difficulty level. In fact SEOs believe that link building is one of the toughest parts of their job. And just because this plays such a keen role in digital marketing, most of the SEOs spend their quality time in performing this task well.

Now that you know what link building means, it is also important to know how essential it is for your business.

Why Link Building is so Much Important?

Before proceeding with the importance of link building, it is first of all important to understand how a hyperlink is created, how search engine look at the links and what is interpreted from them.

Start of Link Tag

Familiar to us as Anchor tag, this opens up the link tag and indicate to the search engines that a link to something is near to follow.

Link up Referral Location

The “href” stands for the hyperlink referral and the text inside those quotation marks signify the URL to which link is pointing. It is not important that this has to be a web page always, It can either be image address or can be a file to download. There may be some occasions when you see something else than a URL, that may start with # sign. These are basically the local links that can be taken to a different section of the page where you already are.

Visible anchor text on Link

This is just a little bit of text visible to users on the page, and on which they require to click when they want to open up the link. The text is basically formatted in one way or the other way to make it exclusive from other text surrounding it. Often it is the blue color, signaling or the underlining to the users which is clickable.

Link Tag Closure

With this, the end of the link tag is signified to the search engines.

Now that you know what link building is and how important it is for your business, you would definitely want to know the most effective tactics to be followed. However here’s a simplified lesson on some very efficient strategies for link building.

Content Based Link Building

Since link building is so much in vogue and is important indeed, there is no end to the methods adopted to make it a better affair. And among all the strategies first comes the content based link building. Though every SEO employee must be using this form of link creating method, but there are a lot many underutilised ways related to it, that are extraordinarily helpful in making you rank higher on Google search engine.

This may include:

• A video
• An infographic
• A white paper
• Data visualization
• An image gallery
• A how to guide, etc.

These assets are created with a clear perspective of earning links to them from the ones they find relevant, funny, informative, interesting, etc. Then one reaches out to these people in an attempt to originally build up links. Following this strategy, there comes a time when you reach such a point that you do not feel like asking for each of the link you receive.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the methods of reaching out to other websites in order to observe if they will publish a content piece that you write on their blog. Since it is an efficient method of earning links with the use of high quality content, but due to some reasons Google has got strict for the marketers who abuse this particular method with low-quality or even over optimized anchor text.

For taking this advantage, it is important that you write down the content which is gladly accepted on the guest sites and is also helpful in building links for your business.

Broken Link Building

The internet is loaded with a great number of broken links and these often exist on the high quality or valuable pages. This is an important practice which clearly works on the notion of helping webmasters in repairing their broken links by offering a superior subordinate for them to link to.

Reverse Image Search

Do you ever make use of graphs, original images or infographics on your web portal?

If it is so, then you must definitively be missing a huge degree on link building opportunity which is surely starting you in the face.

If you do this, you would be surprised to see the number of people using your images on their site, without even hooking you up for the link that you deserve.

But out of those site owners you can surely get at least some of them to link back to you.

All you need to do is

• Look for them
•And ask them if they are ok with your link posting

Podcast Reachouts

You must be already aware that site owners own 101 guest post pitches per week.
And when you really want the authority backlinks on platforms, why stay behind and delay for being the number 102.

Hence be quick with your link-building strategies.

Product Testimonials

Testimonials work a great deal when it comes to generating backlinks. Just think if there is any single product you can absolutely not think about?

If it’s a Yes! Check the product sites.

These product sites often have a testimonial page which is the most authoritative on the whole website.

Contribute to Wikipedia pages

When you cite your own content on worthy Wikipedia pages, you can think of getting a link under the references tab. This may fetch you followers but can definitely send a good number of traffic to your portal.

However, at this point of time, it is important to be concerned about the email address you are signing up with. It must not be the company email address, or else people will not consider any edits and may also link you as a spam. But also remember, if the link does not make any sense, then it may be mere waste and will be taken out soon.

When you pay a glance at authority site that performs exceptionally well in the SERPs, you are sure to come across two main things:

• The content of the website is documented and they follow a link building strategy that works.

• They earn editorial links easily, as they are upto creating high-quality content. In such situation, you can’t help but cite their web pages as they have got the best content out there.

The above mentioned strategies are definitely not set in stone, so one can and infact must look over better methods of boosting up conversions with the link building methods.


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