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How To Handle Negative Feedback In A Positive Way?
By: Admin Posted on: August 19, 2017 Category: Business

Everyone might have received negative feed from their clients, boss, family or friends. These negative words can be too heavy for you to bear and sometimes negative comments can even shake your confidence. You may start questioning yourself, your capabilities and your skills. A boss or colleague criticizing your work or your client complaining about your performance, the words they say are hard to swallow. These become tough to deal, but not impossible.

Throughout your career, you will receive mixed comments from the people you have worked with. It will probably highlight both what you do well and what you should improve on. These negative statements are the important part of your professional growth. These feedbacks can be really valuable for you for your advancing career. It is necessary to evaluate each negative feedback you have been given as it could be your key to success. It’s natural to get upset or defensive, but those who take it nicely and dig themselves out of it and emerge with poise.

Here are certain ways to deal negative feedbacks.

  • Listen Carefully

When someone is giving you negative feedback, don’t interrupt and listen carefully what your client or boss is saying. There are several reasons to stay calm and silent as you need to understand what exactly the criticism is and whatever said is an opinion or a fact. You need to sort out facts from the opinion which can be possible only if you listen carefully. It will also make it easier for you to respond effectively.

  • Avoid Subjective Language

It’s very easy that one gets defensive when you find other person’s criticism imprecise, ill-informed, unreasonable, or just plain weird. You may even respond back with “You’re Wrong”, which is a completely natural reaction. But it can be come off as completely immature. So, it would be good if you control as much as possible. Avoid using any kind of snappish language and try to take responsibility for all your actions and their end result. Human beings have defensive nature, but when we are given a negative dose, we should listen to it to find out inaccuracies or faulty conclusions.

  • Don’t Over Apologize

If you are being reprimanded for a specific mistake, bad behavior or some misunderstanding, apologize once. Make sure your apology is honest, concise and show that you have understood the point where you are wrong and promise not to repeat it in the future. Your efforts and a wise move will definitely be appreciated. There is a possibility that your boss would likely want to move on. If you will keep apologizing for the same thing, you will not let your boss forget your mistake.

  • Don’t React Immediately

When you receive a tough feedback, don’t react on impulse. You may feel like reacting immediately. Due to the heat of the moments, you will find your emotions at the peak. But don’t react instantly. Just take a deep breath and give yourself a physical space to soak up the remarks and clear your head before you respond. There is a possibility that your boss or the person who has given you the feedback may expect you to respond immediately, but don’t say a single word. You must say something and respectfully that should give an idea to the person at the front that you will collect your thoughts to respond better. Make sure you get off from the space and walk outside, which is a good way to deal it. It will help you to calm your mind and respond wisely later after going through the feedback given.

  • Don’t Hesitate To Clarify Things

Once your head is cool, you should think about the points your boss mentioned. Think them again and find out if they actually make sense. It’s always good to circle back and analyze each and every statement or allegation made. It will help you check where you are wrong and things went wrong. Evaluate things and discuss them with your boss. Tell him the points where you need improvement and concerns you the most. Your boss will definitely appreciate you on seeing the time and efforts you have spent in analyzing your mistakes.

  • Don’t Feel Bad

There is a possibility that negative feedback by your boss can catch you by surprise. He may highlight some flaws in you that make you self-conscious. There are 100% chances that you are definitely going to feel bad. Believe it – it’s completely normal. Listen to the music, play with your pet, exercise – do whatever that you like the most as it will make you feel better.

There are several ways through which you can handle these negative feedbacks by your boss or someone else. You need to handle it patiently with the calm mind. Never get excited or be outspoken. Just think over the words before you say anything.