A Perfect Definition of the Internet of Things (IOT)

It was not very long ago when I was reading an opinion from some industry insider when it was suggested that “Internet of Things” should be renamed. Well, my instant reaction to this was why? Is it like everybody is not aware of what it is? Maybe they do not. We all thought we know all about it, we defined it as a network of servers interacting to one another. But what it actually meant was new methods of collaborating, getting information and conducting commerce or can also be called life-altering potential.

Just like this, there is a functional definition of IOT. It is a network of things interacting with one another. But what it actually means is a completely new method of re-imagining services, products, and consumer expectations and even how we get on with the business.

The literal definition of IOT is the digital transformation

IOT is inherent in the concept of digital transformation. This is the reason it enables the businesses to know in detail about their consumers, react to things faster and serve them in several ways. Additionally, this means an ability to add some value where proper monetization of products and services can be done.

This goes well with all the businesses, regardless what they create. They may design tangible software or products. And if this new definition of IOT appears broad, it is because it actually is. But the question is how businesses are digitally transforming the design, operations, and development too.

  • Look for the real meaning of IOT

The definition of IOT may make you think about the methods of transforming your business digitally, then there is an event which may be for you only. You may hear a lot about the ways consumer-driven companies are transforming their businesses with IOT and AI. You may also come across the companies developing complex applications in order to deliver some new value to your consumers.

  • Attend the Smart Sessions and Eye-Catching Demos

From business level keynotes to proper how-to sessions, you have ample opportunities to explore the best technological practices in labs. You may find a lot of information to assist you in shaping the digital transformation.

  • Elaborate your Thinking

While would be debating on the term “Internet of Things” we all may agree that we are just scratching the surfaces of the digital transformation. This is the reason why you need to join us at Think. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about this topic from, build a network with and stay inspired by different industry leaders as we think about the future of internet of things (IOT).

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