Should Blog and Website be Different?

No matter which business you are in, a blog section is always important if you wish to make your presence count on the e-platforms. But the question of concern is if your blog section should be there on the platform only or it should be separate. Well, this blog has got an answer to it.

Well, it is better in both ways whether you keep the blog section different from the company website or integrate it on the main website.

And it is a fact that most likely people don’t separate them. So, here’s why they don’t.


Benefits of Integrating your Blog

Integrating the blog bring in a number of important benefits that for most of the companies offer the reasons to choose the integration.

  • The Visitor Benefits

A perfectly written blog is one of the best ways for the visitors to know about your company as it showcases the more relatable human side.

Many website visitors nowadays expect finding a company blog on your website and they may be disappointed if they don’t get it.

And an integrated blog develop a more fluent visitor experience.

  • Benefits in doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

All the backlinks to the blog posts will give a share directly to the overall SEO of the website, its strength as those backlinks point to your key domain. This assist all the company website pages stay higher in ranks in the search results.

Having more number of pages on your site may also assist the complete site rank better as Google loves sites with rich content.

  • Benefits for the Company

When you have a blog on the company website, it helps in positioning you as a thought leader and not only the provider of some products or services.

Visitors looking for blog post will already be on the company website, really close to taking whatever action or the conversation you are targeting. It is both cheap and easy to develop and maintain a single website.

It is cheaper and easier to establish and advertise a single brand.

  • Benefits of Keeping the Separate Blog

With all the integration benefits, why you should choose to keep the blog separate? Well, here are some of the justifiable reasons for that:

  1. It is better if you wish to have a scope which is not highly relevant to the company’s key offerings.
  2. If you wish to advertise the blog as it is your own brand.
  3. If you wish to sell the blog someday while keeping the company website
  4. If you wish to sell or leave the company while keeping the blog site
  5. If you wish to keep a tone of the content which is not good for your company’s chief site.


Now the next query that must be striking your mind is:


How about SEO?

Keep the note of some obvious lack of Search Engine Optimization; these are the reasons for keeping a separate blog. This is mainly because if your aim is to boost the main website’s SEO authority, the best method to do is within an integrated blog.

Earlier this was not the case anyhow. A user could build endless number of separate web sites, point their links at your main websites, and inflate your key websites and successfully inflate the SEO authority and Google search rankings of the main website.

For some obvious reasons, Google does not like the artificial link building. It does not serve Google’s consumers, who want to see the most relevant websites, see the best, and not the websites that SEO experienced people manipulate into the rankings.

And thus Google has crashed down in different ways. Google is actually far better at discounting and recognizing like website linking schemes that have different characteristics than natural linking that happen from actual 3rd party sites. Google also offer lesser value for different links from the similar site.


And Google provides less value for the links from some low-value sites.

In simple words, getting an individual link from a handful of the trusted 3rd party authority sites may be more valuable to the SEO strength of the website than getting so thousands of links from some low-value sites.

You could definitely work to build up the quality backlinks to your blog site so that it turn, links, share more value to your key website, but still you are making use of an unnecessary middle man. If the blog is a part of your key website, then those backlinks that it fascinates will directly assist the SEO value of your main website.

So, how about keyword focus? Can’t a separate blog website achieve more search traffic and better Google rankings as you can optimize everything, involving the domain name, for a valuable keyword? Yes and No. Partial-match and exact match domain names still offer some ranking value. However if you are getting pessimistic about considering the following additional ranking boost the blog posts will receive everything by existing on your main company website than separating the lower-authority blog site. And your eventual goal is to have the company website found, and not only the blog website right?

Now if your company website is your key focus, any SEO building efforts will be comparatively more effective when your blog is a part of the company website.


So is there any middle ground?

Well, there is, if you are still undecided. You can actually compromise while hosting the blog at a different domain but involving a prominent link to the blog from the key navigation of the company website.

Such an approach offers the most of the visitor advantages described above in this. They can easily find the blog and come across knowing your company better. The trade off is that you go down with all the potential advantages of having a completely separated blog other than the capability to detach it from the company website later.

Wrapping up

For most of the companies, possessing your blog completely integrated into the main website is the best option ever – for the visitors, for leadership positioning, and for your SEO. But there are some certain cases where having the separate blog is the perfect choice.

Make use of this analysis to choose the perfect approach that meets your goals in the best way.

So do you agree or disagree with the above information. Well, if I missed anything let me know in the comment section below.

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