Why People Respond Much Better to the Visual Marketing?

By the time you will just go through this simple introduction and the picture displaying information on the topic, there will be more than 3 lakhs of tweets on Twitter and 1,35,000 photos uploaded on Facebook. Well this is the number of information generated on social media about how a business can come to the picture while staying relevant and engaging the audience. And the key medium is obviously the use of visual elements.

We are humans who are bound to respond to the visuals more than the text. And why we should not when we spend thousands of years in enjoying the biggest and breathtaking expanses long before we used the numbers and letters to interact. One chief reason why the human brain crave for the visual content is this that it is easy to digest and consumer. Here are some of the statistics that refer to the same information:

If we talk about human brain around 50-80 percent of human brain is devoted to visual processing like visual memory, vision, shapes, movements, patterns, colors, image recollection and spatial awareness.

Visuals with the colors multiply the willingness among people to read the piece of content by approx 80 percent.

If you will hear some information, it is obvious that you will remember only the 10 percent of it.

Then there are posts that include the images producing 65% higher engagement that the texts only.

It actually takes very little time or you can say 150 milliseconds only to process and image, and then you can count another 100 milliseconds to add any relevant meaning to it.

People following the directions with illustrations and texts do around 323 percent better than the people who follow directions without any specific illustrations.

With the fame of visual rich media social sites like Pinterest, Instagram and snapchat our attention has drastically shifted from blogging and the text updates to visual updates. Moreover, you cannot deny the fact that Instagram having 800 million active users surpass Twitter with an estimated 300 million active monthly users.

Obviously, creating a meaningful content should be the top priority for the companies, adding the visual element to your posts has different benefits like:


Perfect Engagement on Social Media

The visuals get an increased engagement response when there is data-heavy research involving the numbers and statistics. This may make the reading deep and interesting somehow.

So for all the readers who are interested to use the visuals in their marketing strategy, here are some best tips to get started with the process.


Tip 1: Colors

The variety of colors has different implications on the emotions of people. They will either increase your branding or will prove to be a hindrance in standing out among your competitors.

As per a research, the users make a subconscious judgment about the product in a very least time fraction i.e. 90 seconds and color plat a great role in influencing this assessment.


Tip 2: Images

The further step after selecting the color scheme is to choose the image that complements the color scheme in a better way.

According to a research done by the marketing experiments, we found that the real pictures generate direct 35 percent more engagement than the stock photos. According to the complete visual branding, it involves the images that lay stress on the act or the message maybe as a backdrop for you content post. Here you need to assure that the feel as well as look of your images is somehow consistent.


Tip 3: Layout

This is one of the best methods to differentiate your content and the brand while using a consistent layout for the entire visuals.

For instance: if you are using the same watermark logo at the same position on every single picture it will assist the audience or the viewers in recognizing your brand better.


Tip 4: Typography

Then choice of fonts that you do in branding and visual storytelling is similarly important as choosing the colors to regularly share your message.

In detail: Rather than using the Times New Roman or Standard Sans Serif, depending on your targeted audience and industry, make out which colors and fonts go well together.

So if you have got any other tips or some knowledge to share about the visuals, the comment section below this blog post is open for you!

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