How to Hire the best Mobile App Developers?


The moment any startup or any huge giant gets to the end if their business needs a mobile application or not, they just start working on a few ideas. It is nothing to surprise, with the very same plan to launch an application, they have many expectations linked with the growth, marketing, and better prospects.

An entrepreneur usually has a clue about the type of application and the basic features one wants in it. However implementing the same in the middle of this is planned, and additionally in a realistic and appealing manner is the task to be taken care of by any mobile app developer.

There are more than millions of mobile app developers across the world, and picking the best out of them is a task, having the least probability.

Now that one is almost done talking about the things that may not motivate you or to some extent it may dishearten you, so let’s talk about the solutions only.

Now, what can be done?

Now that you are standing somewhere in between the ocean with some idea in your brain and some desire to implement it, in your quiet heart, you just need to find out things that can be fixed.

The foremost thing is quite easy, simply drop the idea since the second one is easier, just sit back and think of the way you need to go.

Trust me when I say just plan to have some mobile application, it is the high time that you need to plan your avenue.

Just accept the truth that the tough part has always been done by you, which is an application idea.

Different from this you certainly are aware of the strategy and the marketing plan to make your application reach the targeted audience.

Here, nothing can dishearten you or demotivate you. At such a stage, all you need to do is keep a little patience and take the right steps.

Query Matters

Trust me when I say that the process is not that tough. You simply need to be prepared and ask a few questions to the app developers you meet and if you do not have any plans to save some dollars at the cost of quality compromise.

The question here is to find the perfect mobile app developer. More than a simple right answer, it is the question that should actually matter you.

The reason is, it is the right question that will help you know and understand if the developer is worth of working on your idea or not.

Let’s just pay a look at some of the key basics yet some really important things that you need to take care of before hiring any mobile app developer.

Try Surfing without Hustle

Look for the web; look for countries where you may find the best mobile app developers. You also need to surf through your network.

At times when hiring an offshore mobile app developer, you have some hesitation as you don’t know the person. In that case, you may ask for their work profile and may try to know about them in your network.

There will certainly be someone who directly or indirectly knows about their work.

Basically, you need to research, scrutinize, finalize and list. It has often come to notice that in a rush to introduce the application, people just finalize the application developer which may be sooner or later after an outer view and then regret as results do not come in your favor.

Look for Reliable and Long Term Development Partner

You need to be sure that you hire a mobile app developer for a long term as it is a long process. The duration may also vary from a few months to some years.

The Mobile Application development process includes different stages and release is not the end of it at all. To improve the product, one needs to be there for the user so that you can just get different user feedbacks.

After measuring the feedback, the developer may take different actions like adding new features, file down the application, and then cut down the unnecessary functionality.

To make sure the completion of all the processes, it becomes positive to establish some long-term relationship with the development team.

Check their Profile

It may like to remind that we are talking some business and the profile here reflects the work profile. It is not always important that a hot looking mobile application developing may create an application with the very same essence.

This is a must when it comes to hire the mobile app developer. You can simply not let any random company or individual work on your project.

Always remember that a knowledgeable mobile app developer will have perfect UI/UX skills. He will always be ready to share this earlier done mobile application.

Once you have this specific list and the store they are available on, you may judge easily, if they suit your requirement or not. Google knowledge graph can assist you. You just need to Google the brand of the developer. You can also see the essential information on the right side of the page.

The mobile application developer should have a wonderful work profile and should also have some skills and expertise in fields like marketing, design and product management different from coding.

You need to understand things from the user’s creators and perspectives. User experience is not about the smooth working of the application but also about the way it perceives.


In case you hire some dedicated developer from some other countries then communication becomes important. Communication helps you in establishing good business relationships. However, the first thing that you will determine is if there is some language barrier.

Make sure the developer you hire can communicate in your language. Time zone is another side that could be an obstruction.

Communicate with the developer to reach some agreement on a common time where you both may have discussions and reporting with ease.

A good developer uses different communication tools like emails, Facetime, Skype and messenger to maintain a regular follow-up.

Check out if they have any Client References

References not just help you in finding out the kind of work the developer has done in the past, but also the brands that he has worked with in the past.

This is the reason why you should always ask the mobile application developer to share some references or the links to his earlier works.

If the app developer you are planning to have, has worked specifically in the past. He would readily share the list of his clients. With this, you may have real information about the type of service and the final result they come with.

Here my point is not that you contact them personally and ask the details that you can determine the type of work he has delivered and if his clients are satisfied. You can find it on the B2B review website.

Examine your Dedicated Team

Just being aware of the company’s past record is not enough. You have to check out what are the resources that would be assigned for your product.

For this, you have to communicate with each team member so that you get a perfect idea about how excited they are to work on your project.

In addition to this, it is a mean of establishing a healthy relationship between you and the development team.

Price Matters however the Quality is a Top Priority

You may have heard of the saying that not being bad doesn’t signify that you are good. In the very same way, I won’t say that everything that falls in the low budget is poor, but also not everything claimed at some higher price is the best.

I do not find any sense in getting something different at the cost of developing some application. Never let the prices drive your decision making.

There are times when some low budget application can in the future shell off your pockets and hence become more expensive than the investment you might have made in the beginning.

Here, instead of getting things cured later, it is better to take some precautions. As a precaution, you just need to go through their earlier works, read out T&C.

Final Remarks

These were just a few important things that you need to keep in mind before you hire some perfect app developer for your mobile application.

Before you sign off, we would suggest you offer sufficient time and thought before getting to any kind of final decision regarding your mobile app developer.

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